Penthouse and Factions

Hello everybody. I had an issue on Penthouse.
I am personally a donator so the player Archangel is allowed on donator Penthouse.
Why my CV and my SV wich are TCH factioned are not allowed?
I think that if i Brng 1 cv 1 sv and 1 HV i am supposed to be allowed to keep it factioned.
I am not Admin of my faction (yet) so i cannot modify the CV or Sv from faction to private, i have to remove the core(whicvh is deeeeeeeeep inside my ship, very hard job.
Where is the problem if the planet is PLAYER RESTRICTE, even if i get a factioned CV with me it is me that is allowed on the planet, not the CV or the Faction.
I cant see the problem to allow ppl keep therir stuff factioned. What happen if i forgot to change it back to faction before leaving? or worst what happen if i forget to change it to Private(removing core)

My 2 cents

Yes same issue here. I also sent it to Rex seperatly. It’s a pain to not be able to set them to faction, I’m sure Rex has a reason for this setting I’m just hoping there’s a solution or another way around it. As it stands now peacekeeper orbits (assuming they don’t get taxes are a better place to live).

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