People living in PvP

Well. I state my concern about living in PvP places. You cant get any people living there mainly, not even rotation planets.
We mur faction with 10 people tryid in rotation, 2.5 week in row,there was good and enjoyable fight, but we came to conclusion Its impossible in current state of game and moved to live mainly in pve and occasionally make fighting trips now.

and why is that
Even one guy could blindfolded and lefthanded raid every player bases when owners is offline and i tell you why.
well because there is absolutely no way that AI can defend that place when you all are in offline, even with max amount of bases stick together with max turrets.
and why
because manual firing turret range is longer than AI firing turret range, there is playing styles that in my opinion need fixing. ( i honestly think this is using exploits, every raid i have witnessed done sameway )

First if you build in canyon, only one people can raid any base anywhere, even dying once, building HV that have long pole and pole have turret, so whole hv body is hide otherside of the mountain only pole is visible and people snipe manually every turret one by one and then raid base. beside AI cant even target that turret in pole.

second if you build in plain terrain, one people can raid it also without dying in once, building base with artillery turrets. and again sniping manually one by one every turret and move that base all time closer before there aint any turrets left.

the second one is also doable with hv artillery turret, sniping manually, both of those strategies AI cant fire you at all, but you can reach to fire manually, as told that manual firing range is longer than AI firing range. There is absolutely none protection of this methods, and nobody going to be 24h online

Game need AI fixing of defend against those strategies or it need offline protection, after that PvP living is viable option.

PvP in fair can be very enjoyable, but as above said, game need fixing badly, even pirates seems to like roaming in pve planets when offline, and that is why

both is somewhat fixed, if Eleon change that manual firing range is not more than AI firing range.
or offline protection is done way that it wont allow exploitable use as it allow now, so it could be enabled in server

had to edit that several times, as english is not my native, so typo and content fixs :smiley:


Hopefully OP will get fixed for 7.0 at the latest.

So the answer is right in front of you: plenty of people live in pvp. The thing is, they do not live in the OPEN in pvp. Don’t set up base on a pvp planet as your primary base, and expect it to survive. Instead, head to deep space, and then just set up outposts on planets. Small expendable bases to facilitate repair and resupply operations.

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Couldn’t agree with you more, this has been a long standing issue with the game.
And Artillery turrets aren’t the only weapons with further than BA range weapons.

Atleast it is a LOT better than it used to be, when rail guns could plink from forever away, or before that when all rockets had no max range.

Maybe one day @RexXxuS will get more admins, setup some simple rules and activate OP like all the other servers out there. The universe really feels dead with ought OP


As has been often said before. Deep Space is your friend. Not 100% safe so don’t put
all your eggs in one basket.

HWS NA is a HARD PvP server. That implies survival alone will be difficult and PvP
will be fast and Brutal. It IS possible to build and maintain a footprint on a PvP planet.
It just takes a well organized faction or alliance.

Op4 smashes our fair share of bases. The most common mistakes are turret placement
and parking CVs to close to the Base. Op4 has taken down many bases simply by rushing
the base and taking cover behind a CV. Another mistake is base placement. Many bases
are located in valleys, mountains or other “broken” terrain. This allows enemy forces to probe
until a weakness can be found an exploited.

Islands or Peninsulas are IMO your best option. Put your cores on bedrock. Then dig out a
cavern and fill it with Turrets to deter tunnels. Surrounding water will act as moat. Ensure the
beach is not HV friendly. Place obstacles,build up or dig out the terrain. Add HV turret platforms
to supplement your bases defenses.

But if you cant be there to defend it then perhaps building in a PvP playfield isn’t a wise choice
for you.

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Hm, maybe I find the video of you exploiting the OP in HWS 3? But guess I lost it already…
Nice try mate, but just skip it till OP gets a rework.

Living in PvP, yes, a difficult topic. Eleon needs to work on this. But in the end nothing in human history exists forever. You create, someone else destroy.
Only exclusion is our EGS Bunker you can pay with ingame credits.

Bases in PvP should always be outposts and never your main base.


LOL @RexXxuS… Your above comment is great. You don’t need OP, people need to learn to defend better. I have bases on Concordia that NOBODY has been able to take, guess how many times I was there actively defending… Twice and that was only so I could have some fun fighting RAT in HV/SV combat. It defends itself, we have to check on it every now and again… People will hit your bases while you’re AFK… You can’t have 1 little base and expect it to keep all your stuff safe by itself. At least spawn HV’s to give them more targets to shoot/get shot at by. HV’s are very good because they have arty oh them and when you’re not defending the HV’s can do that for you. OP would allow people to combat log mid fight… “I dealt with it multiple times on diff server while waiting for 6.0” the people who did it got banned but that didn’t help me any with my HV stuck inside a BLUE BOX. People need to start putting more bases up, more HV platforms… Put more time into their bases.

I never exploited OP but i did tell you who was that might be why you are confused. It was in 2.0 and you did nothing about it. Time and time again OP was being used unfairly because nothing was being done about it. With a little bit of policing and severe punishment the problem would not exist.

@colin2cold we left your base because you are the only one on planet we wanted to have fun not wipe you out. And Colin i dont have time or energy to maintain 7 bases and multiple HV.

I never said you exploited, Rex did. Read above. All I said was his comment was funny. It’s not hard to keep a base maintained, putting fuel in it everyday day or so.

There is always a reason to why people didn’t “get victory” in a base raid… It was much fun.

lol sorry the first part was for Rex :slight_smile: and yes maintaining multiple bases and HV is really time consuming, specially when you have players on 18 hours a day and still get raided. With the plethora of bugs and poor mechanics ingame its easy taking any base’s with some effort. The only real method is a cesspool of bases with multiple factions. Lag them to death before they get in firing range. Not fun

Well just live in deep space.

Where all your ships collide with each other and blow up.

yeah, but that aint the fix of obvius mechanic that allow, bilndfolded action taken, because broken AI

you cant defend when you arent online, We didnt lost anything, as we moved, when we saw, we dont have time to defend 24h because of broken mechanics. It was fun as long as you are online to defend, after then its just a joke at a moment, that was experiment we wanted to test trough and I wanted to teach faction members basics of PvP

yes, in deep space, you can live mainly in pvp as its almost impossible to find. But still broken AI allow same mechanic to raid it if foud, blinfolded, with no effort at all

mostly thinking, if that would be fixed , people in HWS places. would split more also in rotation planets and some PvE places would not be so overpopulated.

my faction all 9 other people is new to Empyrion and even more new to HWS, i pretty much lost 4 people because they saw how broken AI is, that is shame, but at the same time, also got 2 of my members to be donator of HWS. So i have seen that most new people quit because this kind of utterly effortless ways to use broken mechanic.

PvP yes nothing last forever, but blindfolded effortless actions should not be there either.

EGS Bunker where do I get one?