Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

The PDA remains one of the most powerful tools in the HWS Universe. From the moment you touch down and receive your first mission with valuable starting gear to grinding out RP to gain access to the best planets, you will definitely need your PDA. It’s also a convenient way to check the Guide! Hit the F1 key to bring up the PDA.

Our goal is to provide you with a compelling a story and interesting gameplay as well as complete immersion via the PDA. The Personal Digital Assistant is not just a story teller or task checker, but an integrated part of HWS gameplay. It is also a key part of the Alien Sacrifice system as well as other dynamic origin-based rewards and mission systems.

Keep your eyes on the PDA and check it often to see newly available missions!


Patch notes - Version 1.1.0:
Added fiber to the EB PDA

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Patch notes - Version 1.1.1:
Fixed Silicon Command

Patch notes - Version 1.2.0:
Add: solar map + faction guidelines

Fix: Rocket Dust

Patch notes - Version 1.3.1:
Add: Elemental Bank Guide

Fix: Typos

Patch notes - Version 1.4.0:
Added: Auto Miner

Patch notes - Version 1.5.0:
Added: Trade Items (Player to Player Elemental Marketplace)

Patch notes - Version 1.5.1:
Added: eb:payin and eb:payout can now be used globally with a 5% tax

Fixed: Mention the 5% taxes on buy items

Patch notes - Version 1.6.0:
Added: HWS Connect
Added: Trading Ships
Added: Auto Miner Gold
Added: Auto Miner Fuel

Removed: Elemental Bank Items

Fixed: Some typos and legacy stuff

Patch notes - Version 2.0.0:
PDA is now ingame. It will be updated / filled with missing information in the next days.

Patch notes - Version 2.1.0:
Added: NPC Trader in Tutorial
Added: NPC Trader image into the .zip
Added: HWS Rules in FAQ

Patch notes - Version 2.2.0:
Added: Orbital Cargo Drone
Added: OCD image into the .zip
Tip: if you can’t scroll just reopen the PDA

Patch notes - Version 2.3.0:
Added: Cross Server Warp (CSW) Guide in FAQ

Patch notes - Version 3.0.0:
Added: HWS 4.0 universe image
Added: Elemental Lottery Guide
Changed: HWS 4.0 Auto Miner, Rules, and more

With the help of @Fenra369 we have the PDA back again in the game! It is kind of a copy of the online HWS Guide.
It will be improved in the feature all the time.
For now spread the word (especially to beginner) that they just have to press F1 and check the green HWS stuff.

Patch notes - Version 3.1.1:
Changed: A lot adapted from the HWS Guide
Fixed: Colors


Patch notes - 20.08.2017
Change: Latest HWS Guide in the ingame PDA