Phantom ship giving me debt

ya so for the first time ever i realized you could scroll don past the OCD and what not and looked at the NPC trader saw nothing there; and then figured i’d see what the tax list looks like; only to find a cv in the CSW zone yet when i checked the registry and even when i went there this ship is nowhere to be seen. please can you help me get rid of this as i am accruing debt

Hi, Please give as much detail as possible, ship ID, name etc

cant do much without this info.


good call;

488	0	0	CSW - EU to NA	30	Capital Vessel (CV)	36529088	22	2000

Your total tax you have to pay per day is: 2000 credits!

49354355246001CSW - EU to NA30Capital Vessel (CV)36529088222000

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