Plans to make the server more "PVP"

There is some chatter from the admins/mods and a few users about removing some PVE planets, or making them PVP. Just figured I would give my opinion on it.

For starters, this is an awful idea. For starters, back before the Nova system had 2 more PVE planets added, everyone was grouped together on Nova(planet) because nobody wants to build their stuff in a PVP zone. You can say “oh people will learn to build in PVP” but the simple fact is unless you make EVERY planet a PVP planet, people will stick to PVE worlds.

I made a post here on page 3, about how we can have a more PVP based server, without screwing over people who build on PVE planets.

I’d also like to make one final point (which will be a huge problem if not considered) and that is this. One of the most vocal people against PVE worlds and adding more PVP planets (will remain nameless, not starting drama tbh) has kind of shown exactly what will happen if we have this scenario. Around 4 or 5 days ago, I was out with some of my team flying around, and we see the person in question, we start firing at their CV from our CV, and after a couple of seconds, he logs off, hoping his offline protection will protect him. However we’d already blown a hole through the wall and destroyed it, so his ship was ours.

A similar event happened a few days later, when we were chasinga faction ship (who shall remain nameless) and as we got close enough that our turrets started firing, they logged off, and their offline protection kicked in instantly, saving them.

This is what will happen in a PVP focused server. People won’t fight more, people wont “enjoy” combat more. It’ll just be one or two man teams, who log off at the first sign of trouble. Hell I’ve even said myself when it was suggested that Nova become “PVP” for a day, I’d just fuel my ships and HQ, and not play that day.

Sorry for the rant. But honestly, if we keep up this idea of “PVP” everywhere, all the time, it’ll ruin the great fun this server is for everyone. Even the people who “want” PVP everywhere log off like chicken shits the moment PVP presents itself.

Also please note, I’m not saying lets make the server more “PVE”. I’m really not. Look at the post I made in the other thread (link in my above post to it) and you’ll see I’m all for more PVP areas, but the Nova system needs to be left alone (with space there being PVP, so planet to planet travel is still a risk)