Player having issues logging in ploice ticket on behalf

What happened: : Having problems with logging into website because of steem. spwand a sv on lawless hq and turned around for one min and it disapered with all theer mats that they gathered over 12 houres this has happend before to them and this was there 2nd time. Two players left as because of it the 1st time they are frustrated as this is seconed time they spawnd the sv adleast 10 min before restsrt warnings structure command did say yes to being deleted but they logged out and have had problems logging back in
Player(s) with issue: : J.Martel
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 23.12
Playfield: lwaless hq
Structure Name(s): Scabba
Structure ID(s): 24898571
What do you want us to do: can you replace sv and cargo that was in it by going through logs.

I Restored the Structure.

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