Players Reported for Good Behavior

Without naming names, I’d like the community to know that we are also going to report Exceptional behavior and not just infractions.

I’m DM-ing Rex about the players who have gone above and beyond the call to serve their fellow players - both by kind action, or answer, or by their generosity.

There is balance in the Verse - or at least the illusion of it. :slight_smile:



Well I want to report @Mordgier.

Helped me when I started and when I was learning about ships and pvp…even if we were enemys because the factions.
This helped me a lot to anderstand how this things works to start my path on pvp and building ships. Plus all the explanations that he gived me and keep us motivated. Thanks again at least I can say thanks like this.
This post is soo emotional :kissing_closed_eyes: lol


Stop besmirching my bad name!


I would like to report @nauttdog

That right, I’m reporting myself. If I don’t promote myself, who else will right? I am always helping the noobs and get no thanks for it. In fact I get the opposite. They take my advice and my resources and the first chance they get they try to kill me. Sigh. I guess no good deed goes unpunished.


Yes +1 to report this guy@nauttdog too :beers: He adopted me like a puppy with no home

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I vote to strip Mordgier of his nomination.


I’d like to report SWP for their exceptional behavior. They always helped to chase people off the planet and to keep the planet clean of garbage and random people.

Arctic Fox - for donating enough Starter Planet food to fatten a herd of mules !


I started playing this game a few days ago. I had (and still have) many questions at that time and although many people answered my questions on the main chat, I noticed someone who would always be eager to help whoever asked for something. Thank you @mcprouty , this game is already good by itself if you ask me but people like you make it great.

I want to report @KptnKurt for all the dedication and time he expend making this server better. Thank you.