Please Can We get Acountdown

I have been playing the single player 8 test game and there is still alot of bug squashing to do, but once it is out of testing can we get a count down to your release for HWS’ I need at least a weeks notice to take time off and I want to loose a week of my time to the Start of a new season on your server.

As soon as version 8 hits RexXxus takes them down and patches them for the next version. So until they make an announcement nobody knows for sure when it will happen.

Your best bet is to follow along and check the Experimental patch notes every day on the official site.
When they are getting close to release Eleon will typically start naming them release candidates. Once you see this it is typically a few days to a week away. This is all the notice that is given.

Keep in mind they may find major bugs still and have a release candidate 2 or 3 as well.

You forgot a link.


I have been playing 1,2, and 3 so far and that is a good idea to look for the release candidate Twichy . As I stated there is still alot of bugs to squash soooooo it may be awhile before it is ready for HWS

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