Please Delete SV on CryoF1

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

Problem: New player left their ship on starter:
Who does it affect? All our members:
Server: EU:
Time: Not sure (cb:time):
Name Freel5Jet:
Structure ID: (217146)
**[color=d0901d]Please delete this ship, it’s basically a case of one of our newer members left their ship there without thinking, and unknowingly completely undermined the RP gain of our faction. I’m aware of this un-usual request and apologise for bothering you yet again. If this is not possible or preferable then I understand and we’ll find another way to get rid of this ship. But I figured i’d ask here first just to be safe! :slight_smile:

So sorry for bothering you guys once again.

Best regards
Wise. :[/color]** Write here
Edit: To the Raven:

Please don’t leap on the support threads as they dilute the clear lines of communication between me and the admin :slight_smile:
Much appreciated,

PPS: The ID is up there, you simply missed it :slight_smile: (

Hey Rex while your at it delete our stuff also… Can’t be bothered also can’t be bothered to check for ID… Thanks

Yeah I see an admin abuse here. This must be regulated with internal gameplay. Not our task to do.
Have fun