Please Help, CB:Reset and lost access to faction

Hey guys i am having a problem with guild i cb reset and forgot to disband the guild 1 now i am locked out of doing anything with it please help

Gonna Relabel and reclassify your post for ya. @Jascha or @RexXxuS should be able to help. In the future though, keep in mind that a cb:reset essentially starts you over completely. You should not count on remaining in control of a faction made by your previous character.
Do go ahead and say what server you are on, your in game name, and the name of your faction.

we are on hunter starter hws Na server guild name FiS forever in service guild name

toons name is dibido

Back at home but what should I do exactly now?
Setting back to FiS faction? Do cb:reset again? Warp?

just seen this i am looking just to get the faction reset i cb reset and lost control and no one can invite accept or anything like that

i was on pirate and they started on hunter so i reset it and lost control

ok but all of your stuff is in pirate world. You are on hunter now. Just click the edit button in the faction window and rename your faction as you want.

i said fuck it to much drama for a guild name change i cb reset my other toon still in FIS the 1 one i made i dont care about anything on pirate me and my guild went to hunter when i cb reset to join my faction FiS is still in the faction list just nvm now i just handled it my self i dont see how or why this is such a hard concept all i wantted you to do was give me owner of the 1 FiS i made back to me so i could invite my guild and shit and get going but i guess that was just to hard