Please help with definition of "EGS Zone"

Time 11,910 on the EU server.
So, I just flew to ECC to do some banking and Orbital Auto Miner transactions. Put my cash in the bank fine - no problem. I was actually in the Elemental bank area.
Then I used “AM:Get:All” to get my Auto Miner goodies and got charged for it! Didn’t get all the resources though.
Next, I tried to get the Gold with “AM:Get:Go:1725” and got the message “Don’t have enough credits, out of EG area”.
But I was in the Elemental Bank area!
I walked the 100 feet into the EGS HQ area and tried again.
I hadn’t been registered as being in EGS HQ because I got the “Not enough credits” message again.
After 2 minutes, the System Message “Welcome to EGS HQ…” cam through so I tried to get the gold again and this time, it worked with no charge.
I don’t think it’s clear enough that it isn’t sufficient to be in the EGS building, e.g. the Elemental Bank to get free AM access, that you actually need to be in the EGS HQ area to avoid the charges.

I can’t help feeling ripped off :frowning:

You need to wait for the welcome message before you do am:get in EGS.

From the guide, HWS Features - Orbital Auto Miner (OAM)

"Retrieving Ores from OAMs

You need to visit the EGS Zone now to get your Ores for free! The Zone is in the main lobby of the EGS HQ on the ECC planet"

Yes, you also have to wait for the message before it registers you.

Elemental bank is not the same as EGS area. EGS area is the big lobby in the center of the building. Also, just a reminder, it pops up and says “are you sure you want to pay X amount to withdraw ores”. No one took money from you without warning you.

You’re wrong, actually - I didn’t get the “are you sure” message.
This contributed the most to my irritation as I was 20 seconds walk away from the EGS Zone.

Hey Dan,

to reduce the confusion I painted now on all relevant ceilings the proper Zone.

You are right that you don’t get a “cb:yes / cb:no” as long as you are IN the zone. Then you get the “Items arrived” window instant.


But when you are not in the zone, then you get the confirmation sequence.


RexXxus, once again, performance above and beyond the call of duty.
Thanks very much.

(So much learning to do , so little time…)

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The message that rexxxus showed a picture of is the confirmation I am talking about. I see it any time I pull out ores outside of EGS. Plus, the fact that you said:

sorta implies that even at the time, you knew you were getting charged, and then did it again.
Not really sure what part I was wrong about.

I’ll spell it out for you - the command “AM:Get:All” gave me the Items Arrived window without the “Do you want to pay?” message. That’s the basis of my disappointment. I didn’t get warned about being charged until the second “AM:Get” command.

Do you understand now?

RexXxus, does that count as a bug? Getting charged for AM:Get but not being warned about it?

As I already said: we are not aware of any bugs regarding this.
It’s easy: you are in the EGS zone = no warning = free.
You are not in an EGS Zone = warning = fee.

If you find such “bug” it is mostly connect to the wait time. You didn’t wait long enough until you get recognized.

Spending even more time into it shows the flashback what happened:
You was standing at the top in the EGS zone, coming just from the bank, used the am:get:all command but the tool (coordinates) didn’t get you yet (Zone = Coordinates).

So all in all see above why this “bug” can happen: please be patient and you can always type “cb:no”

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