So I was attacking a POI, specifically the Xenu fortress on Alienworld in HW, and died, and then my backpack spawned UNDER the unbreakable elevator block, causing me to lose my stuff. If you see this soonsish, can I please have my stuff back oh admin.

Also on Ayotunde’s behalf, he reported losing all of his stuff due to POI melee lag, which has been quite severe in my experience, and had to take a fresh start after losing everything. Could you help him out, he deserves it, assuming what he says is true. I assume you can check a death log and confirm he died a lot in a short amount of time as a way to corroborate his story?

I am off to build back up shit, but please fix this issue in the future because as is POI lag is a HUGE pain in the ass.

Sadly we can’t do much against backpack loss or the lag. Our server hardware runs fine. These huge issues was introduced with patch 3.3.