POI Removal

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: As per our old ticket, we got a ship TP’ed into 0,0,0 and the poi there.
Player(s) with issue: GCGN
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): -
Playfield: IKEA
Structure Name(s): Alien POIs
Structure ID(s): -
How can we help you now: Please remove them from our playfield to prevent the former issue fron happening again.

Hello @DaveO

Why did they get to 0 0 0? Did Jascha restore them there?
That was a mistake I think, he didn’t know the setup of the orbit.

But the POIs were requested by you so just to be sure:
do you really want the POIs being removed?
We can restore ships everywhere - not only at 0 0 0

The ships were teleported to 0,0,0, Jascha brought them back somewhere else.
Yes, I want all the POIs in the system removed if possible.

Should be done

Its still there

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