Pointless season :(

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How can we help you now: There is no point in this season, it does not work like big factiot.This season to be here, erestrum, gold and other important ones do not get when one of two places and the big factiot have dominated them, this little faction player can not go any further this season.
Why do I have to pay taxes when no one has bought any Erestrium ingots, this is a Black Market EU-Freenlacer ‘paid 99,000 credits tax for selling 10000 Erestrum Ingot’

Thanks for your feedback.

Overall I can just tell you - if you want to believe or not - that there are at least 4 other planets out there with Zasc, Eres or even Gold to get safely without the PvP hotspots. Some of them are even sometimes PvE.

So I would appreciate if you would adjust your bit salty post as soon as you would go out and explore the universe properly before claim such negativ review.