Points to consider

  1. the oriole has a hole in it, where by the furnace isn’t airtight, it also needs some 20 RCS to make it useable on a heavy gravity world (turn fast enough to be situationally aware of a near by POI).

  2. Heavy Gravity worlds affect player artillery range, but do not seem to affect POI weapon ranges. I don’t mind specifically the extra gravity for my operations, except that I cannot defend myself against POI’s. The reason being is that I destroy the guns on one side of the POI, yet two sides of it are still abel to hit you as you come closer to it to kill them. It seems the POI guns are all able to shoot you once within range of the destroyed guns. This becomes a major problem on planets with high hills or mountains where by you cannot simply circle around the POI and take those guns out from another side.

  3. Indestructable ground is a problem when mining meteorites or for those mining in PVP space that has a indestructable planet. Automining devices are nice solutions for this on PVE planets, but on a PVP planet, the player doesn’t have the time to wait for the Autominer to do its job. I have no real solution for this but to make the whole PVP planet meteorites. Further on industructable planets, the meteorites can be mined down to a size that is under the ground and unminable. I suggest destroying it before it becomes too small. (Rex cannot fix this latter problem as it is a fundamental issue with the game and not his server, I have already talked with him about it). The only server side solution I can think of, is to implament a script that deltes meteorites after they decreased to such a point or make the planet destructable to a point and refreshed weekly to reduce server side lag. Bases on PVP shouldn’t be main bases and so moved often anyway.

  4. Are the HWS autominers going to be refilled after the wipe?

More at a later point.

BA arty has ~50m higher range than HV arty on planets, probably why a POI out ranges you. As far as the mining SV, what do you expect from an Achilles design? :wink:

If we were leaving it up to the computer to shoot, sure, but when a player mans the turrets, you are supposed to receive greater range. Further, while the player artillery (and all other turrets) have been gimped in range, it seems the POI turrents haven’t. This is true for both the player buildings and their HV’s.

More over, if a POI has four sides, plus the top, it has effectively four sides to fight from. You might be able to kill one side of the POI, but as you near it, you will be fired upon from the turrets you could not before kill, long before you could set up and fire your artillery.

It is perfectly sealed for me, perhaps you are missing some blocks? Also it is not meant to be a fighter. It is a mining base of operations.

When you say player artillery, do you mean HV? or base. Because as mentioned before, BA has greater range. Also the game has come a long way, in my opinion, towards being balanced and fair, and one major aspect of that has been removing weapons that allow you to destroy a base with no risk, one at a time.

Also: [quote=“Lokiet, post:1, topic:6231”]
I cannot defend myself against POI’s.
This is such a silly statement. Defend yourself? Against a stationary object? You mean defeat with no damage to yourself.

and finally:[quote=“Lokiet, post:1, topic:6231”]
3) Indestructable ground
There are some issues with your logic here. First, you treat Autominers as if they absolutely HAVE to survive. Lets throw a hypothetical out there:
You buy 50 Autominers for about 10k apiece. Thats half a million invested, and alot of Autominers. Now if you were to spread those haphazardly across the galaxy, And some get found and some dont. All you need is one day of 20 of those 50 surviving to have the autominers PAY for themselves. And that is assuming you mine only iron. Throw some sathium and promethium into the mix, and you are fine.
As for weekly refreshes of the planet (I am assuming you mean wipes) this is nonsense. The entire POINT of the indestructible terrain was to cut down on long term issues from sustained combat and inhabitation. Not to mention the fact that already people join the server, hear the starter planets wipe weekly, and many just leave. Try then telling them that 60+% of the server ALSO wipes regularly, and see how many people we see sticking around.
The untouchable meteorites is a legitimate issue, to be fair. But it does not have to be a matter of deleting meteorites by somehow knowing how large they are. Or wiping planets. Meteorites despawn on playfield reloads. All we need is a cb command where if you are the only person on the playfield, you can reload it after a delay. For example cb:refresh. This would kick you out, reload the planet, and when you load back in, it would behave as if you were the first on the planet since the last backup. I say “if you are only person on the playfield” because the implications for griefing in pvp are… troubling to say the least. Would become a planet of perpetual restarts, and races to see who can log back in fastest.

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Can we just talk about how the Oriole is almost good. All the lower tier SVs have CS but for some reason they couldn’t be bothered for this one :frowning:

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Testing in single player, the artillery is affected by gravity. A heavy gravity planet is reducing the range of the artillery, and thus taking out the guns on the POI become impossible when you must close within the range of the POI to hit guns further along on it. For example:

A square poi has 4 sides from which it may shoot you, the top, and three sides. You take out the guns at 400m, close the distance to within the range that those now dead guns would otherwise shoot you (but cannot because they are dead), so to hit the guns that were just out of reach, and get killed by the POI because the whole POI shoots at you with every gun once you close within the max range of even its dead guns. Effectively think of the problem as there being a single activation nod for the POI guns, and as soon as you close within range of that, the whole of the POI is able to shoot you, even if its other guns are 600m away.

This is not effective game play, nor is it fair game play. This also does not account for the mountains surrounding the POI, which make shooting it nearly impossible as you cannot remain steady long enough to change to the artillery, aim and shoot.

Your Autominer explanation is fails to take into account that this server has a very few number of planets with which you may deploy the auto miners and a single player is more than able to cover every pvp world to hunt down and kill the auto-miners (if people were so foolish enough as to put miners down, I would do this myself).

It would be easy for any computer to know how much is left within any item in the game, by writing a script which checks items already being interacted with such as meteorites. Upon the meteorite no longer being interacted with, the script checks its contents and then based upon simple computer code (which is learned in a single python programming class) can make a determination to delete it or not, especially if additional code is written to measure its distance from the surface.

It would be incredtably unwise to give such power to any player as they could preclude others from even logging into that world, by being the first on the planet and repeatedly resting it, further I am not looking for a tool which would enable me to reset the meteorites every time they fall too close to the POI’s. If I had access to artillery that could take out the guns, I would simply kill the turrets and mine the ore. Your solution would provide a easy button for avoiding the POI’s.

I currently have 37 autominers in pvp locations. Good hunting.

Also all of your arguments about POI’s continue to hinge on your expectation of taking them out without taking damage. Just build to absorb damage, and dish it out accurately. It can be done. One of my guys consistently solos POI’s on HWS. It is far from impossible, or even as complicated as you are describing.

Can I use my 50/50 life line? Donator North or South?

lol that is not counting donator planets.
Honestly they payed for themselves last weekend, so I am just keepin em up as an experiment at this point lol.