Pois Bugged i think

unless you changed how long it takes for them to respawn/repair and have loot the pois are bugged
i have been playing all night and kept checking the pois in p1
then i went and sat 2 hours or so on P2 farmed some gold but the pois except one did not repair/got loot
the drone bases on p1 and p2 each have a troop transport inside that is alive and dead at the same time from what i saw when i got closer/real close and they had no loot in them or any other aliens

POIS regenerate typically after 12 hours of being touched.

I think they get touched by others trying to find some loot that you might have forgot. I also noticed respawn timers being veeeeeery long. But I fear others are touching it after us :confused: If this happens too often (lots of players on server) then we might have to consider another option to force respawning.

Also you could technically live inside a big poi on homeworld with like 30k combat blocks I think as long as you login on a regular basis.

12 hours … oh i guess the 1-2 hours i encountered when the server started was a fluke then
well maybe the respawn timer should start when the poi gets looted … if others come the timer should not go up even if maybe ppl build or leave their stuff near it

Edit: also 12 hours seems 2 much … good bye am … am cores 2 hard to find unless maybe the pois that arent on starter planets have/get a lower cooldown to encourage ppl to get out of starters

Did we forget the days of non regenerating POIs when you had to wait for a wipe to get the POI back?

It’s not from LAST touched where a POI regenerates, its first touched. If I regenerates now, and I ran across it but didn’t do anything,timer still starts. This is why you may feel you wipes it out and it still regenerates “20 min later” etc.

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the drone Poi took me 6+ hours to do and some ppl came aswell during those 6h+ and left came back so on so forth so guess those are ok for 12 hours but the others imo should have lower cooldown … thou prolly cant be made to have lower cooldown without lowering the drone base cooldown … unless they all have their own settings but i dont know about that

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