POIs possibly being deleted after time when they have no core

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What happened: Some disappearing alien POIs
Player(s) with issue: Zafaron
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Write here
Playfield: Ori
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How can we help you now: Just reporting issue

Seems like some of the POIs that have been cored aren’t regenerating and after a time they disappear all together. It is possible that a person mined them down to the last block, but terrain around the POI was untouched so unsure.

A ‘regenerating’ POI cannot be cored by design. It will give you the ‘enemy base’ notification if you try to place a core. There are however non-regenerating POIs which do allow player cores. Once a core is placed in those ones they will not regenerate. It’s by design.

I mean, when you destroy the core. Not when somebody places a new one. I must just have the terminology wrong.

There has to be bloks to regen from

Rexxxus mentioned all poi deposits don’t regenerate with the 8.2 update

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With the next patch it will be possible to fix it without a wipe. :crossed_fingers: