Polaris destroy my life

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What happened:
=> Polaris was destroyed me on the Federation journey. I was lost all my luggage and my ship. EGS:Spawn is not worked and EGS:recycle:18324353 is not working. I fying only on Federation planet and can`not go to ECS.

Player(s) with issue:

=> eu

Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> Do you can restore my luggage (50 000 kg) and ship Cobalt moon?

It happened again. Now they have destroyed the CV LEV-A23 Horizon (20027394).
Please help restore my life, ships and staff.

  1. LEV-A23 Horizon 20027394
  2. Cobalt Moon 19661961
  3. Staff ~ 50000kg (pentaxide, iron, turrets everything that ALN and POLARIS took away …)

I am ready to make a donation for the development of this project, and I want to continue playing


sorry to hear that, but you might have to build Canons to protect your base, build somewhere else or get in peace with Polaris.

hm that ID does not belong to you. Can you let us know the right one?

I restored this one. But not Polaris destroyed it but you by cb:destroy. Not sure what you did and why…

This one still exists. Whats the problem here?

We can’t do anything about that. Its a game mechanic. If the stuff was in the CV I restored, then it is back.

He is near the enemy base Polaris - I can’t get close to her. How to move it to me? I can somehow get to Federation Journey from Federation HQ.

Enemies (ALN) destroyed it in half, I don’t know how it can be restored to working condition. I had to press all the buttons in the HWS Connect-Manage-Destroy. Is there any team to restore the ship’s performance and repair it?

I asked for help in the chat to restore the staff, they wrote me this command (or not for me)


this ship is destroyed. I can’t fix it manually. It lies on the planet in the form of a group of fragments. What should I do?

You need to be clear so we can help you.
I warped the structure to you.

Well its a game. If you get into a fight we can’t restore things. Since you are alone, I restored the last backup where your ship was still intact and spawned it close to you. Hope it has all that you lost in it.

About the rest: Sadly we can’t do anything about it.

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