POLL Origin PVP Restricted Planets

So lots of crying as always :wink:

so here a little poll so we know what the community wants here

  • Yes, keep the Origin planet PVP restrictions so only that origin can enter
  • No, Make it fully PVP unrestricted so anyone can come in

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poll will be open for 48 hours

if you don’t make it in time thats sour grapes

it’s in the community hands

Have fun

HWS Team


Something to consider before voting, the origin restricted planet gives you 4x less chance of being attacked, and even less if you make allies. People want pve, this is as close to pve as people get without the tax and lag, and adds variation to the map.


I thought the origin systems were all PvE?

To clear it a bit (still writing the Guide…)

Starter Systems

[Origin] Starter
[Origin] Outpost
Origin] Starter Orbit

Origin Planets + their orbits

Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Comet7

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Another thing to consider is back in 2.0 for example, all faction planets were PVP and we were waiting so much for an alliance system to make roleplay better, because flying to help a mate on the planet was really hard with turrets, now we have a beautiful alliance system, don’t you think it could be a good think for roleplay that each origins protects themselves on theirs planets from others who could enter the planets ? :smiley:

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Can you return to the starting systems once you have left?

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:confounded: but as mentioned somewhere else: yes and no. Since only Origins can enter the Starter Planets it is ok due the wipe anyways and the 1 CV per player limit. But since we wipe only once a week now we have to see how the experience on these planets are. As soon as I read a single “lag” from a guy in an escape pod I step in with some limits.

The Starter Orbit how ever is fine for everyone


The intention was that players would leave the starter planet/orbit

Go to their restricted PVP Origin planet to build CV etc

Then multiple Factions joining forces and choosing a planet in the BIG universe to call home

To me this seems like the ultimate way to play

as so many have notcied you no longer get to sit on your lazy buts and never do the ‘Surviving’ or ‘Grinding’ as it is put.

You will have to go into the world an lay Auto miners, They wont be safe…unlike before…

you cant mine out a ore deposit in 3 mins with a HV drill…cos then thats one person sorted and 130 pissed off.

The only fair way is to make the playing field level

The long term guys are just upset becuase you have got so used to being given so much and not doing alot

i get if you just like pew pew you want to fight, But when you used to lose what did you lose??? nothing you could get back in 1 hour…

this universe, Maybe that is not the case, when you lose…you may have that bitter taste in your mouth now :smiley:


If the server is balanced around the idea of nobody being an ■■■■■■■ for the sake of being an ■■■■■■■ the designs for 5.0 will become unhinged quickly.


I don’t see your point Achilles regarding the topic ? open full pvp the faction planets makes it harder not easier.

Sounds nice but I still feel like im being force fed PvP…through the anus.

Sorry this was an overview of the ‘Ultimate effect’ we were going for in 5.0, just to try and explain what the thinking behind the origin planets being the way they are.

to elaborate. We did think PVE originally, but then knew everyone would camp the faction planet…at least this way we are saying you are 90% safe…but it only takes one dude to be a rogue origin and maybe people move into the rest of PVP.

Basically, the only place players will be 100% safe is the reward PVE…but like anything, To get a reward players must put in the effort, which in this case would be living in PVP for a a month or 6 weeks. Ofc you can be safe in the start orbit but, If players are willing to play the game that way i think it must be kinda dull.

If that is the case maybe 6.0 is just one planet, called…planet love. Where we all minecraft for ever :fearful:


Ok got it, well i hope there is some kind of limit in starter orbit to avoid the eternal overcrowed orbit, i see your vision now.

Well too bad for me, i had this dream a few nights ago, where all hunters were eating, drinking, and enjoying a good evening on hunter planet when suddenly, out of nowhere, a swarm of pirates dares enter our domain, and then we all enjoy a good epic fight on faction planet which for me was the final goal, where all the main combat command centers are there, will we be victorious or pirates manage to wipe us all ?!? to be continued in my next dream :smiley:

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The only way that would be possible Blackwing is if pirates couldn’t attack other pirates and traders couldn’t attack other traders.

why do the threads recently have to start off with verbs like “crying” "So lots of crying as always :wink:"
its peoples opinion not crying!.

the crying part was not nessesary to convey your poll.

agian just my opinion.


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The problem is that, there are more cryers on the carebear part, and the pvpers get’s left out in polls like this anyways, i never expected we would win this poll, with over 140+ players playing and more than half new to this server, of course they want it safe, but when the server title states “PVP” you do think there would be more of that than pve or what to call it one race per planet, not that much of social network i must say, where strangers cant enter.

i just wish the community took care of its veterans better.

I don’t think all veterans share your view.

I want a steady stream of new players to kill. For that to happen starting out should be easy.


I am confused.

I am a Guardian. I started on the Guardian starter planet. I thought that everywhere I went once I left the starter planet was PVP, except for the planets with the RP requirements (Lagoon Nebula).

This poll asks if we want to ‘keep the origin planet PVP restrictions so that only origin can enter’.

Does that mean that Uranus, for me, is basically PVE NOW,already or does it mean that it might be made so?

Thanks for any clarification :slight_smile:

It’s PvP - but you are allied with all Guardians - and nobody can enter. So you’re fine. It may as well be PvE for you. Unless some guardian faction decides to leave the alliance.

LBP has no alliances with any other faction. If we built on Pluto it’d be destroyed.