Polling the community intrest in events

Hello community!
Here is a poll to check the interest level in organized events. The events would have as a purpose to bring the community together, so they would be mainly axed towards PvP, and mainly involving HVs and SVs, sometimes bases, sometimes teams, sometimes free for all.
I alrady have the plans writen for some potential scenarios.

I would like to make my hopes about some nice events and resulting epic battles come true, but this poll is not an assurance that anything will happen, if something it will be an argument to be used when i try to get support for my plans.

Please, keep the discussion civic. Tell me if you’d like to participate in organized events or if you don’t care about them, and tell me if you have any ideas! :slight_smile:

  • I’m intrested, tell me more.
  • Events? Meh.
  • I may be intrested BUT… [comments)

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Admin staff is always happy to help facilitate some cool events! We had a couple of events at the end of 5.x and it was a big success. Interested to see how the cummunity feels about this going forward!

Some more of those team infantry battles would be sweet

Set a PvE Orbit if your doing something planetary to avoid griefers.

Last events had prize support from some of the larger factions too! I know Cent took WKN’s top Prize :wink: