Portal Bug Cyro F1

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What happened: Went through great trouble to get code for the door at Cyro F1 what leads to a gold planet. When I entered the portal it sent me back. I tried multiple times to go through the portal but it kept sending me back to the original position. Finally the portal locked out for 7 hours and I was unable to get my reward for going through getting those codes.
Player(s) with issue: Autismo
Server: North America
Time (cb:time): 10 November 23:34
Playfield: Cyro F1
Structure Name(s): Prof Void House
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: It would be grateful if you could fix the portal soon, if possible could i get “compensation” for time wasted running around the planet getting the code for the door. Thank you. Autismo.

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yes, we are more frustrated than you that all the people can’t enjoy the missions via Stargates.
It is a major bug I am poking devs for awhile. Hopefully it is fixed very soon!

A lot of people experienced your problem and even if I want I can’t do all of this manually now.
As soon as the portal bug is fixed I will announce it and do a special “RIP Bug” mission where all the hate can be converted into nice loot. Promise.

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