Possible Exploit on HWS EU Waterworld?

I am not sure if this is in line with the HWS rules :

Some guy placed a base directly on the middle section of the big sunken ship. The base can neither seen from outside turret range nor attacked in any way in its position.

Dont take me wrong, if i would have a different mental orientation maybe i would also do some “HaHa-Noob!!!-learn-to-play-PVP” activities…

So beeing killed in PVP space is completely ok.

Beeing griefed is not.

And a message to the owner of the base :

Just in case Rex is not reacting : I strongly hope that you are aware that i am guardian and have no problem flying another 9 times into your base with a trash ship… or 99 times.

Us carebears (at least the good ones) have infinite supply of ships, armor and RP.


Auto turret kills from an unmanned structure do not trigger guilty status. So hold off on suicide-as-a-service for now. You will just lose RP and time.

All player made bases require power and ammo. Seems like you have the determination for the task,
just not the right idea how to go about it. Build a shield on the front of your vessel. Carry a few thousand
extra blocks, food, fuel. Replace blocks on shield as needed. Most players don’t use more than a few
ammo boxes and even less keep them stocked.

Hmm ok, this really sucks, so you can place a death star, set it on public and have some “HaHaHa evil chuckle” - fun in global chat ? :frowning: