Possible Hacker in NA game

Hi Admins… no one was on so I was told by ppl to leave a msg here… the player Solven in [5AT] i think is hacking…

I was underground and kinda far down… he was able to dig into my base in 10 secs or less… i heard no sounds or anything like that… i was able to see him and his ship… then both vanished next thing i saw was him looking down at me with the new hole he made that would have taken almost 5 mins to dig with a T2 drill or few mins and LOTS of noise with an SV… i saw him for a moment then he ran off … if he was hacking i hope you guys can do something about it…

Please, in the future, be sure to post any verifiable proof (Video or Screen-shot’s) when submitting an accusation of hacking.
Read this please.
Regardless, this has been flagged for review and will be investigated.
Thank you for your post.

Nalacha , Glad you made this post.

Screen shots will help the admins or even better a video.

One thing though I have seen on my end before. Being Server deysync. Its where the information on your end is not reaching the server. Anyway I was mining some ore and had mined the whole ore node , I got into my ship flew back to base and reloged. When I got back into the game it was as if I had not even left the base or mined any ore.

Not saying this is what happened just giving you an example of the strange things that can.