Possible help if your having EAC problems since 5.1

Short version of fix in numbered list below.
Only been here a few days(NA Guardian) and with wipe coming built a CV and got ready to leave.
However after the 5.1 update the game WOULD NOT start with EAC, hits the first loading screen and sits there instead of showing the initial menu. I had learned this is normal, and just keep trying the last few days that always worked after 2-3 times. However after a dozen times panic starts to set in.
I tried the game without EAC and it launches fine, but that does me very little good for the server.
Since I know it has to be an EAC problem I tried running the installer to uninstall/reinstall the service and lo and behold it won’t launch. (This is the defining problem, if that’s not the case for you, it might not be the same issue and my solution may not work for you)
I played with it a bunch of things, delete cache, restarted steam, computer, uninstalled empyrion, delete entire folder, reinstall. Nothing changes the behavior.
I knew I needed to work with the EAC service and since the installer wouldn’t launch I had an idea, LOTS of games use EAC so I tried the EAC installer for a different game. I used rust since I happened to have it installed, a free game like robocraft should also work.
I uninstalled the EAC for empyrion then tried the EAC launcher for empyrion still no go. I tried installing EAC for empyrion from rust launcher this made this WORSE, now the EAC launcher wont even start.
So I tried the FinalSolution.
Honestly I’m not sure WHICH thing fixed it but this is what I did.

  1. Uninstall empyrion.
  2. Delete empyrion folder (back it up if you want to preserve blueprints)
  3. run Rust EAC and noticed hey empyrions easy cheat is still installed? Uninstalled it via rust launcher.
  4. Reboot
  5. reinstall empyrion (I did it in a different file location I’m not sure if this is significant)
  6. Run EAC installer from empyrion folder (now it works!)

And now it all works, yay! now to just wait for NA to come back up so I can get the hell outa dodge before wipe :slight_smile:

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