Possible OCD/Map bug

I have noticed a recurring issue however I am unable to replicate it consistently. I can describe the most recent occurrence.

HWS EU - Gold Federation

Time : approx 1835-1840 BST

After mining for some time I used ocd:put:all and logged out for 20-30s I was next to a nearly expired gold meteorite and had located another approximately 480 East of my location.

I entered the following commands to retrieve a T2 mining drill, 15 drill charges and 5 small O2 canisters


I then logged out for about 30s

Upon logging in, the drill and O2 were in my hand slots 1 and 2 respectively but the drill charges had not appeared. I used the 5 O2 canisters.

I then entered the following command:


Logged out for 20-30s

When I logged in, I had a drill charge however the gold meteorite I had been stood next to was gone and so was the other meteorite which had been on my map. I then obtained 14 further drill charges with no issue.

I have had a similar issue with drill charges previously where they have not appeared following a series of commands and i have had to enter further commands following a relog to get the charges.

I will continue to monitor this and log if it happens again.