Posting this for new players

posting this for new players,
someone went into someone elses base intreged as why why they were shining a flash light at him then when he was in they locked him in there base would not let him out they have done this to other playes and took theer back pack after they suicided. ITS TIT FOR TAT
but i wounder is it greefing?
hear are some screen shots i took of general chat when i saw what was going on

these screen shots are not in oder sorry.
hope they help the new players out but im not sure whther you can do anything about it,. i do belive it was on piret planet

There’s been a lot of base locking going on I’ve noted. On the last one that Achilles assisted Rex responded saying they won’t be getting in the middle of the drama any more.

Turned out the guy wasn’t as innocent as he claimed.

In any case, may be a hard lesson for not entering into someone’s base.

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yea i told them that in chat that they had to sort it out and i doughted whether admins would get involved
he let him out after me saying that i posted it on the forum though.
Why cant people just go by the rules and just have fun and enjoy the game and stop messing it up for others.
Childish but hey i gess there are some people you cant help
but like i also said in post it was tit for tat
1 he should have not entered a base that was not his
2 apparently they did ask him to leave and he woudlnt
3 then they were childish enough to lock them in
4 what they should have said was when you are prepared to lave i will let you out not hold there there till they die and loose ther back pack. KIDS!

Ha. Yeah it’s petty. But that said, if someone is dumb enough to walk into someone else’s base and then not leave when told, he had it coming to him. I could see them demanding a ransom to let him out, even. Lol

As for rules, anywhere they exist there are people to break them. :slight_smile:

Its been one of the best nights entertainment in Global for a while though, I’ve been Ill laughing.

Anyhoo, they let them out … after 3 hours :slight_smile:

I’ve been trapped in base and CV a lot because I like to spy.

Next time you go inside someone else base on a planet, have this ready to spawn above them, they won’t be able to get out, even more on a pve planet.

SuperAbducter? lol


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can you do a live streem of the event so we can all watch…?

TBH I would do the same, you no wanna leave brah? Mokay, since you like it so much here… just some fun nothing more. Base owners did a good job on making lemonade out of lemons. Annoying people do these things for a reason, and they play the victim card when things turn bad. I couldn’t care less.