Power drop in base not correct?

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What happened?
=> I have a base on the EU server almost identical to another base on the NA server.
The NA base has a power surplus of 40 hours or so when fuel is topped up. The base
on the EU server only has 6 hours surplus when its fuel is topped up. I have checked all
devices, which are usually toggled off when not in use. Is this a bug or something else?
When I first noticed the difference I added more fuel capacity and a larger generator to
the EU base. At first is seemed to perform better for a day or so but is now at a deficit
again. (the problem occurs even when both bases have a T1 generator and a T3 fuel
tank, I put in a T2 generator and another T3 tank and the problem is the same. The
problem being rapid fuel consumption.)

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> RedDaggar id 433594

Server? (EU or NA)
=> EU

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 8/16 to 8/19 at 6:14.

On which Playfield?
=> Freelancer HQ base id 448647.

Structure Name(s)?
=> base

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> base 448647

How can we help you now?
=> Is this a bug? How can I get the fuel consumption down to normal? Both bases have
the same equipment. Well one had more but when I turn them off there is no change.

Technicaly they have different device counts, so not the same?
I don’t know honestly. Would have to get blueprints of both I guess.
If solar power is involved the location you spawned them makes a difference.



EU base, the one with power problem, blueprint is highlandbase; NA blueprint is lowlandbase;
Srry, I don’t know how to post them yet. Apparently “prefabinfo highlandbase” is a no no in the console. There is a moderate temperature difference between the two locations. There is a forbidden block in each one of them. I was able to see a part number identifier in the console but have no idea how to apply that info, is it even relevant to this issue. The only diffference in devices was the grow lights for the plants which I removed. I also trashed some dead plants. I read somewhere that plants have caused glitches in blueprints before. I an continuing to compare and contrast the two bases to find an answer. cheers

It really depends on exactly what each base has. 153 devices vs 116 devices is quite a large difference already.

As was mentioned, if you are using solar power then the solar output varies greatly depending on many factors. Angle to the sun, playfield distance to the sun, location in playfield, brightness of the star, etc, etc, etc. They all matter and affect the output greatly.

Aside from that, things like cargo controllers and each cargo extender use power as well. A lot of deco devices use power. The power usage on these types of things can’t be switched off. Cargo extenders alone can use up a lot of power if you have a lot of them.

CPU extenders as well.

It’s impossible to know without examining each blueprint directly.
To begin with though 116 devices vs 153 devices is not “almost identical”.

I’ll take another look at the devices, I noted that in statistics it counts each solar panel as a generator, 20 solar panels and one generator, for 21. In fact I’ll probably dump the solar panels
and compare stuff again. Thnx Twitch…And again that 153 vs 116 is strange… I though they were closer to the same devices. The only other difference is the grow plots for the plants, (devices?)…

Pulled out the 23 growing plots from the problem base. (so devices at 116 v 130?) wrong it says 149 devices in the BP. Still getting power loss. I see that P/cpu statistics apparently counts the constructor on the CV as being on the base? Do alien containers count? Is there a list of devices. I have built at least 10 good bases over the past year and was always able to manage the power and keep the lights on for 24 hrs, at the least, and longer. So this one bugs me. I am thinking the location is bad. Both these bases are on Freelancer HQ the problem base is at higher latitude and altitude. Does that really make a difference. RE: the solar panels I am getting good numbers on output but not on the batteries. UH OH, just noticed the solar panels are kind of in a valley, definitely not getting the sunlight the other base is getting, however 40 hours worth?

OK removed the solar panels and may re-situate them. HOWever, I installed 4 T3 tanks and a T2 for a single T1 generator and am only getting 13 hours of power. Something is still wrong here. Something is sucking power like I’ve never seen. I’m gonna sleep on it and go over all the devices again. Thank you for your input…

Couldn’t sleep. OK, simple thing was to start taking out devices, when I took out one of the two Advanced constructors the hours went from 13 to 91. A defective constructor! Does that happen often? Do they take out that much power. I turn them off after I use them and even when I am using them they were not drawing that much. A bug? I am going to sleep now, I hope, LoL,… cheers

PS, to verify, I went to the other base and removed one of the two advanced constructors and there was no change in the “power left:” reading.

Ok, same problem has now manifested with my character on the NA server. It was sunning with 60+ hour on full tanks then suddenly dropped to 6hrs. I removed the advanced constructors on the off chance that the problem’s solution might be the same. Nope. What is the issue, is the server making bad calculations with regard to the math? I am going to try to resolve it again, if you have any insights I would appreciate some assistance

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