Pre Release Alpha 2.0 Talk

Hey guys,

sorry, we are very very busy with Alpha 2.0 preparations. But to not let you stay in the dark here are some of the most important information:

Yes and No. We cap the EC limit to 250k you can bring over to the new Alpha 2.0

No. You can bring all of your Ores with you. Just remember that fuel will be needed in Alpha 2.0 for them. Read more in HWS Connect in the Auto Miner section.

Sorry, but because of such major patch with lot of changed hex values in the core files we don’t want to take any risk. So all of it will be wiped.

Sorry, HWS Connect consumed so much time I (RexXxuS) couldn’t be so awesome like jascha ( … post-59165). The current state is this:

There will be a lot more information regarding the universe and how to play. Stay tuned.

If you have any other questions we are happy to answer them. Alpha 2.0 coming…

Your HWS Team

I see that you reduced the price for autominer upgrades for the upcoming 2.0 patch, and while i do support it, i believe 1000 ore per hour is just ridiculously high, especially since it will now require a lot less EC to upgrade the autominer. So my suggestion is to reduce the max amount of ore production, here’s what i had in mind:

Level 1 - 10/hr, free
Level 2 - 20/hr, 20k EC
Level 3 - 40/hr, 30k EC
Level 4 - 60/hr, 40k EC
Level 5 - 80/hr, 50k EC
Level 6 - 100/hr, 60k EC
Level 7 - 120/hr, 70k EC
Level 8 - 140/hr, 80k EC
Level 9 - 160/hr, 90k EC
Level 10 - 200/hr, 100k EC

The reason why i propose this is simple - it is just too easy to reach level 10 at the new upgrade prices and it gives too much ore, we need to keep the players use the economy system, not to be completely independent once they upgrade their autominer. With the price reduction, a player can easily mine lots of meteors and get level 10 autominer, then just make ships and bases themselves through factory, without the need to ever trade. Which makes trader factions pretty much dull miners with nothing to achieve.

As a founder of a trader faction, i do like mining and building stuff, but i would also like to setup a marketplace where i can sell ships to other factions. With an income of 1000 iron per hour, nobody will ever buy anything from the marketplace if they can just build it themselves. And yes, the new autominer will use pentaxit, but that’s irrelevant, because at 1000 ore/hr you can just buy a week-long penta cost for ALL level 10 autominers for just ONE ore autominers daily production.

So, i think the reduction is neccessary to keep the economy balanced, i know its a new feature and a work in progress, but that’s just how i see it. Also, i didn’t run any actual numbers on it, its just an observation and my personal opinion. I was gonna propose this eventually even before the announcement for 2.0 patch, with a different reduction in cost and production, but as you already posted the price reduction, i just used your proposed upgrade prices.

Let me know what you guys think, i would also like to hear other players opinions.

Are we really sure we have to wipe ships and factories and everything?
wouldn’t it be better to test first incase the core hex values are still working?

Can’t wait to see exactly what that map looks like, planet names, biomes, etc and what the new structure is for faction alignments.