Private HWS Project Financing Agreement

:triangular_flag_on_post: :bank: HWS Project Financing Agreement
between HWS U-P citizen of NA Server - Yamaha750 (Side 1)
and HWS PSA citizen of EU Server - Nikola Tesla (Side 2)

Parties agreed that:

  • Side 1 will give Project Financing to Side 2 - 28 million credits facility during 25.03.2018;
  • Side 2 will provide Gold Reserves Provisions of F&R Bank to Side 1;
  • Additional tranches can be discussed and increased if both parties will agreed together;
  • Payback period is 20 days, however this term can be extended.
  • Gold Reserve Provisions must be returned if financing will be repayed in time or before.

This agreement was signed in health and understanding of the honest intent of both sides. In any circumstances, the parties will continue to work with each other to develop new forms of cooperation.
Side 1 - Yamaha750 (signature) :bookmark_tabs:
Side 2 - Nikola Tesla (signature) :bookmark_tabs:


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Nikola Tesla

Thanks for cooperation !