Private ships on bases

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What happened:
=> I again have two private ships on my base and would like to know the owner of them so that I can ask them to remove them.

Player(s) with issue:
=> imtimex

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 20JAN2019 22:19

=> Stella

Structure Name(s):
=> “Strider 4 - Starter HV”
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:
=> Please tell me who owns the ships.


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Thanks, looks like 12502358 is still there. Any way you can tell me who they belong to as well so that I can let them know to stop?

Hello @imtimex

please don’t misunderstand me but the Police and the Admins are not responsible for your parking issues on your Supporter Playfield. It’s not our business that you need obviously some parking rules there :wink:
We would like to concentrate on bigger problems the game have, you know?

That Hover belongs to Viscosity.
Last seen ~18 hours ago.

Very well, withdrawn.

If it would be like last time, a very inactive person / structure blocking you for days, we step in of course.

But that here seems about just mis-communication, you can hopefully resolve without the full force of admin / police power :+1:

That belonged to @Zackey_TNT

Yeah, I understand. I cannot tell if it’s an inactive player or not since I cannot tell who owns it. Anyway, will not make the request if it happens again as you have better things to do, understood.

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Then I recommend you put in “What happened” next time the duration how long these structure stucked you. I assume they did stuck you?!
If it’s for longer, then as I said, we can give you information.
I just saw both of these players play quite actively.

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