Private spawnable Ships

I thought they had patched were you could see ships spawned in orbit? before making them factioned.

They did. It spawns as private.

How you find my ship then? because i spawned it and made it my faction.

who are you talking to? something being factioned doesnt make it cloaked. If someone gets in range of it they can still see it.

I was 20k out, and colin was saying he saw an public sv on map.

It was 13k out actually. I didn’t see your SV in specific… It could have been yours but I saw a “Small Vessel” being the name pop up on my map when I came into Golden Globe orbit. I then opened my map and tried to waypoint it as fast as possible, I didn’t get the waypoint off in time considering it switched off of public before I could waypoint. I then continued to fly in that direction, I ran into your CV and thought that was the first marker to the “Whatever I had found out there” so I killed your stuff re cored it and then continued out to deep space to find whatever it was I saw previously. I did not find anything out there if that makes you feel better. :sweat_smile:

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@colin2cold is amazing. Not to cock gobble but you did chase that one guy +370K out kill him that one time. You are definitely the most dedicated of the HWS PvPrs. Was that Juan?

That chase lasted hours!

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I’m not sure who it was but yes it was a epic long chase. Lol had much fun. :joy::joy:

Sorry for my rage last night, i am not use to losing stuff without an fight :slight_smile:

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