Problem getting my daily loot

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What happened:
=> I get the message box “help me, no loot” I think I am doing it right, 1.8K hours on this server. Plenty of room in my inventory. I try then wait and try again later. Just get the same help box.

Player(s) with issue:
=>My game name and my steam name is Magnificon


Time (cb:time):
=> Been trying it over and over every day I play.

=> Freelancer starter, then after restarting my character on the Federation starter

Structure Name(s):
=> not a structure problem

Structure ID(s):
=> not a structure problem.

How can we help you now:
=I would like to get my daily loot.

You have to be logged in around 2min until you can collect it.
Like the help box explains :slight_smile:

I waited for at least 5 minutes. Tried it, then waited another 5 minutes, no luck.

This has been going on since I came back to HWS after a period away. Been 2 weeks now.
I’m getting my vote rewards but no daily loot, ever

Inside the dashboard, when you click on HWS daily loot button it should pop up a window that looks like the image below. Click on the individual boxes to claim that days loot, just like the one I drew a circle around. Click the first one for day 1, second one for day 2, etc, etc.

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just move around til the server says welcome back then be sure not to have anything other than your backpack open.

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