Problem with multiple SV. Can an admin remove them?

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What happened:
=> SV was damaged flying over a POI. Couldn’t get back to it to destroy it and now have issues with multiple SV’s. One of the new SV’s was lost in the middle of our Base.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Blackdog308

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Dec 30 17:44
But this happened yesterday.


Structure Name(s):
=> scrap (This is the destroyed ship. I think my friend changed the name of it to this, but it was White Dart before the change.)
Pilgrim (SV that was lost in base)
Arrow (new ship)

Structure ID(s):
=> Arrow id: 33897536
White Dart / scrap id unknown
Pilgrim id 33888758

How can we help you now:
=> Either delete all the SV’s or delete all of them and give control back for the Pilgrim. I only want the Pilgrim, but if its easier to remove them all, that is OK.

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You could try fixing these yourself while waiting on an admin response.
Go to a safe clear area and use the chat command cb:getshiphere:ID to try moving the ships to you so you can destroy them, multitool, whatever.
You need to be in the same playfield as each ship when using the command.

So use,
Try using connect to get the other ID if you haven’t already.



Pilgrim should be yours again and the other 2 deleted

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Thanks for the tips. Knowing me, this could happen again so I will make a note of this.

Thanks Jascha! That was fast!

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