Problems on the planet of the hunters

Hello, i’m new and i have a lot of problems for begin on this planet. There is no animals or golems and no seaweed… So i can’t make fuel for the drill.

I hope you can help me because i can’t do nothing for the moment… :frowning:


Food is sparce on the starters, sea weed can be found on mountian plateus and tree lines. Like I said food is few but scorpions tend to be found along what were once shore lines. The starters are designed to be a struggle and to make you want to venture out into the greater galaxy rather than players camping the starter planets

Okay, I’ll look again. Other question, i have make a donation, how can i get the pack ? Thanks a lot

Okay, all my problms are fixed, thanks a lot

Gdgd glad ur all sorted :slight_smile: the commands section of the site has all the donator commands you need :slight_smile: