Proof of being shot before seing what is shooting you

Iv only experienced this on planet not in space yet, and so far only on gold planet, no orange red green nothing.


Yup this is it thanks. I hope its clear we are not talking about problems to upset someone or so.

We jsut play, notice and when we feel we dont like it we bring it in. Also while Rexxx was talking about space and presented space situation, I was talking about planet, as nobody fight in space anymore, space dead.

Its waiting for radar thats obvious so we will be able to see what are we up against.

Space isn’t dead its just too few players atm for people to bump into each other in space a lot higher chance of pumping into someone on planet, when 7.0 hits space warfare will be good again, dare i say 170 people again at 1.7 xD was right last time when no one believed me lol.

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There is that problem with SVs docked to CV, i makes terrible lag. I thought is just me, or few others, some hardware combination or so. Then i found post from …someone from SWP on Eleon forum…
Sec will try to find it.

AFT - Big long CV cannot fly with out death lags with docked SV (goodbye carriers).

you know that one. So for me for example that means no CV in space, no battle ready, I want to carry 3 SVs onboard as SV pilot. I cant, its done, wont fight in space until fixed.
Not HWS fault, fully aware of that.

And its related to restrictions, I fly 1000 iron warp sled and thats it not going to change soon, but even with that i cant land on GG for example. I would say my hands are tied, freedom for i loved Empyrion is gone.
With this warpsled i have to take one way street around universe, not sure why at all.

SO this all is not appealing to me anymore. We naw have lowest classes possible some of restrictions should be lifted. I would gladly play and probably enjoy flying all small but freely. Landing freely, warping freely, spawning all i want freely.

Sadly if there is no max HV per faction somebody will go and spawn 200 of them…I dont offer solution…maybe jsut dont go full Collin or something :wink:

Hmm strange I have a SV and HV docked to my CV and there is no lag at all, try using different docking feet i’m using the flat ones atm with no legs 2x docking pads docked at a time per sv and 1x on hv.

I think you have gotten so used to the bugs and stuff that you automatically are assuming the worst xD its not so bad i’m flying 110k iron class 2 cv with 4k iron SV (SV king :smiley: ) with a small 1k iron hv just for mining and no lags I had a fight with a sv after posting this pic 0 lags at all and he was in a huge SV, so from what I can tell its just a strange bug that can be ironed out that you are experiencing the future is good so many good changes happening already.

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Who knows, lets hope Eleon will investigate, I made video, Rexx saw it, i think Eleon saw it too so its documented. But well we adapt as always and i dont miss CV fights never was too much interested in it, it never worked well. Who knows.

Haha you completly right on this one :smiley: Fulgrim says Im cursed, and i dont run game on potato or so…

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Yea the game is quite power hungry running a GTX 1070 and my fps still drops a lot of the time but still manageable.

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running the same, but with C1 SV/HV i have to say its really much better(fromGG) and thats why i think ok, this worked maybe its time to lift up some restrictions, made it a bit simlier and more readable again, allow CVs C1 to land for not thaaat complicated planetary invasions.

I belvie terrain from heightmap will help a lot too, so planets have a chance for better future for sure.

Also that carrier lag with SVs onboard is related to CV size, i can have 3 SV on sled but not on Pegasus, sled is 1k iron, Pegassus 250k

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Yea I like the idea of Class 1 CV landing on planet but I think it would be really tough to implement, might be better for eleon to implement HV docking to SV :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its not a problem its forbiden again because of performance i think, and also to have so diversity in what you can a cannot, but, and this is just me, i like to ahve same simple rule for all and its up to me how ill adapt to it.

But some ppl liked planet only for HVs liek MOBA was, so if ppl likes it who am i to say remove it. For me its jsut common routine. Prepare CV, if Class 1 can land so be it C1.
Gather crew, whos flying SV, whos riding HV. Put that all on CV and land, SV to air providing cover, CV providing constructors and repairs becoming temporary base, spawn some BA fortifications around. HV and some SVs attacks…and so on, if it goest bad, retret to CV, abandon planet and jusmp away.

I like it full, all options avivable.


I must say when I was back in FDM and NOD Landed in their class 1 CV and 3 SV’s and 3HV’s immediately flew out and started raiding us it was a beautiful sight such preparation something like that is not possible now :confused:

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This! :smiley: I had to like all, its always nice chatting with you Kogami.

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u2 man

Ya this one happens to me on an overclocked 1080 and an I9. It is the game, not just you or hardware lol. Its painful, because I would much rather use CV as a carrier than just about anything else.

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