Pros and Cons of CSW to a noob

Hello -

Im looking at exploring the option to utilize the CSW. I briefly browsed through a search of recent issues CSW has. Could you guys who utilize this feature often, assiste me in understanding the risks of CSW through your experiences?

What can you take with you? What have you lost? What was your purpose for leaving your ‘home’ regional server? What advice would you give to a noob that is considering utilizing CSW? Is CSW cost prohibitive to noobs?

Any helpful replies are greatly appreciated.

Cost is near free in terms of resources. Actually less than a normal warp, if you do it right. A few things that help make it more smooth:

-Stash your inventory in a box
-If it is your first CSW, be patient. You will have enough time as it runs to pick an origin, make a faction, and freak out that it didnt work. Then you will be teleported to space, near a stack of your ships.
-Dont take overly HIGH ships through. This is where most people run into ship melding, and trouble getting stuff back out.
-dont spawn a bp in csw, and then use csw. It will likely disappear. Make sure the ships you are taking have been around for a while, and are listed in the chat response to the start command.
-Remove ALL fuel, o2, and Pent from ALL your ships, then refuel on the other side.

Generally CSW is used to access donor systems, or participate in the other server’s pvp or market. EU has a far more booming market than NA, for example.

Not needed anymore. It will get transferred.

To add:
your armor + boost you had on server A will not transfer to server B for now. It will be just saved independent from each other.