Proximity HWS chatbot messages

Just a thought, perhaps proximity warning messages should only activate for Base and CV.

Getting a proximity message from a hv or sv on another planet is perhaps over the top? I think that the substantial structures of the universe should be the ones putting out the faction wide distress call.

What do others think?

I think you should get notifications on the play field only IMO, not server wide.

It’s a good idea, but I think that notifications server wide is a bit excessive.

So you think the current version of ingame proximity alarm is too powerful?

You did a good job and went overkill; we asked for a lighter and you brought napalm. : )

Should proximity alarms be like a car alarm, or should it be like a emergency broadcast on all televised channels?

OTOH, I do love sitting around TAW’s bunker…

Never mind, leave the napalm method.

Just a question. Start big, scale down.

It is powerful indeed and I think in a future game car alarms are old school.

But why not start making it more interesting then. Charge RP / credits for example.
Open for suggestions

Lots of players are using SV/HV warning “sensors” to detect movement - a bit like spiders web. It is very creative and perhaps many will think it is a good thing. My view is that CV and BA are limited by the playfield restrictions, and are generally big enough to imagine a crew issuing a distress call. I like the idea of a global faction distress call as this brings players rushing back home to protect the Base or CV from around HWS universe. I think Little SV’/HV vessels are to insignificant, plentiful and disposable to receive this global alert status.

But this is a personal view! If others disagree, agree or have other ideas it would be great to hear these views…

Just my two cents, I’ve left cores here and there to see who passes by on a regular basis, and then had success in engaging those people…so I for one like the proxy alerts as is…


I like the feature as is. It creates more engaging gameplay. If it cost credits or rp I could make someone broke over night. I like the idea of running home to defend