Proximity log blank

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What happened: The proximity log does not show anything on any day even though we’ve had alerts while in-game.
Player(s) with issue: All of OWC
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): Seems to have been happening since connect 3.0
Playfield: Lantia (probably others)
Structure Name(s): na
Structure ID(s): na
How can we help you now: Nothing urgently, I’m guessing it’s just our faction or there would be a lot more noise about it.

several faction members have tried and we tried different browsers.

I’ve experienced this too. Jascha said something a few weeks back about same ‘origin’ not showing on the logs.

Thanks for the Info. Its working on the tool side. I guess as you said HWS Connect might have a problem: @RexXxuS

Only thing I can approve is the red delete button not working to clear your intruder logs.

But the feature itself works. If you choose Today from the dropdown it shows you the entries.
I am just reading what I get @Jascha :stuck_out_tongue:

Last night’s activities (from 21:00 thru 23:30 CDT) were only partially logged. We don’t see any of the combat that occured, only the mopup at the end.

The previous days are all blank.

To confirm, do you have any activity from the 19th through the 22nd? Or any activity on the 26th before 05:30 server time?

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