PVE and PVP server problems, bugs got me good

PVP EU server; had been on my dono planet for 2+ days when i was suddenly kicked into space, with the message “This planet belongs to …”. I changed my faction before landing the first time, to the faction name we’ve used since Alpha 4, just incase the planet had that listed as owner. I built a base and spent easily 5+ hours on the planet. Last night after logging in, after roughly 60 seconds, i was kicked into orbit … no prior warnings. Im now stuck on “District T2” since respawning in space made no sense, i guess my backpack has been looted long time ago by someone else.
Tried getting help in global chat, but getting no reply, it could be all the russian spam in the chat filling half the screen …

The “only english in chat”-rule has to be the single most useless rule since the russians dont give a F and just happily spam away in russian without admins doing anything. Makes me wonder what other rules are being “selectively enforced”?

PVE Server: I, stuck in “MOBA Nebula” and cant warp out. Its supposed to be “Free” friday to monday and “One way” the rest of the week, but i’m stuck here since saturday evening.

So now i cant play on HWS servers at all, ill keep an eye on this thread since i’m not gonna sit in game and wait for an admin to help me.

Hey @Ixx,

I set your planet at the beginning to the IXX faction since you were in that faction at the beginning.
Of course you have to tell me what specific factions you want to allow on it.
So I see and changed it to BOT for now.

Not it is not selectively but we don’t have an automated system for that for now.
Maybe @Jascha could implement it that it counts also as a filter.
Just let us know when it happens - here or in Discord and we deal with it as always.

Oh, I have to recheck the PvE MOBA system. Not that the timetable entries got mixed up.
Sorry for the inconveniences.


Thanks for the help with our planet, it’s nice to be back =)

MOBA system schedule seems to be “working” now, it’s monday and i can’t warp out =P
I’m pretty much out of food and OCD wont work there, so I’ll stay out of that server for now.

Unless me and my ships (ID:45068,39044,45069) could be moved to “Trader Origin”? That’d be awesome =)


For one last time I opened it again 4 hours ago or so.
People need to read and learn I guess.
But we will make sure to spam players with information - well still people will cry I guess but can’t understand complain anyways. MOBA system is the biggest profit system ever and people cry. Anyways ok.

Well, as i said in my original post, i’ve been stuck there since saturday and it has NOT been possible to warp out since then! According to the “info” it should have been possible to warp out “Friday to monday”, but it wasn’t.

No amount of information spam helps if the in game mechanics is broken.

I didn’t make a screenshot but the system was open at the weekend for a long time.
At the beginning a little hiccup of the yaml switch but worked again.
At least today I opened it once again.

The restart was just recently - will see, maybe I open it the real last time for tomorrow from 9AM till 11PM.
But then it is as it is - locked.

I just tried and it’s still one way towards MOBA, i guess i’m just unlucky or just plain stupid.

If there’s a trick to it, other than selecting the nearest connecting play field and hit “Lock Target” then ill appreciate a hint.
I selected both connected PF’s, they “Lock Target” is grayed out and the arrows are pointing towards MOBA. That’s the way it’s been since saturday, or i would have left then …

Go ahead and close the thread, if you say it’s working then i believe you.
Ill log in and warp out this weekend.

yeah sorry, unlucky for sure.
Please come back tomorrow between 9AM and 11PM (cb:time) server time and you can leave this awesome place… :stuck_out_tongue: