PVE Grief Report!

During late game pve on 11/03/2017 we had a member of SIH (Freelancer) who ship name of ‘Manoe cyho’ griefing by way of digging with his ships weapons under our placed HVs dropping them too almost half bedrock. Causing us too dig them out and waste time…
I would recommend some kind of punishment for this member if this is infact not allowed during PVE times.
I would also like to recommend maybe turn on CAN’t dig around bases within X meters during PVE/PVP.

I have included as many screen shots as possible.

moved to get support.

You only posted 1 Screenshot, BTW… If you have more, that cant hurt.

player has received final warning ingame as this is 2nd report in a different instance. any further instance is 1 week in prison. Any after is ban. Player has already been wiped previous so no use in doing that again.