PVE player Problems On Earth (Minor)

Visiting a faction mate’s base on Earth. Found a player named Ironclad busting deployables in the water. Screenshot is him admitting to it. Told me “it should have been covered” like it’s our fault he can’t keep his hands to himself.

Thanks for your time.

Why are all these ‘Grieving’ posts so lame

yea i get it PVE, but seriously, was this worth the time posting…we are talking Oxy and Fuel. just cover them.

The admins are dealing with a lot to make the server better, do you think they have time to deal with every single persons minor dramas about minor irritations that the game allows.

what do you want? for them to ban him?

Ask yourself, is this worthy of the admins wasting time over…no, it will continue to happen, it wont stop because the GAME allows it.

Yea man its annoying, but its not grieving, its an issue that shouldn’t exist.

Give a kid an ice lolly and tell him not to eat it, the game allows it and its not a game breaking problem that would cause a person to leave the server, self help is the best help most times :smiley:

I agree, it begins to be really boring to see all those useless topic, Rex should make a new rule :" don’t bother admins with minors pb" :smiley:

is simple to fix it the next time, put its base in pve planets along the water, and it put blocks up the water, build a box with door and inside put your water generators and oxygen, so no one will steal or blow up anything.

the admins may well be dealing with alot to better the server, but these griefers are making the server worse, it shouldnt be at the bottom of the list of things to deal with.

WHY bother having rules, if its not to be enforced?

why not just head over there and take out the rule, leave a side note while your at it “its ok to grief on this server, we dont care” then i can go and grief people without worrying about breaking rules,

DONT MAKE IT A RULE, if the admins dont care to enforce it

It is called pvp = player against player, or you can kill the other player, PVE = player verses environment but very players think it means that el can not suffer any kind of loss, devices that can put on the floor are likely to be destroyed by use of weapons, it is conditioned in the game, is part of it, which does not occur in pve environment and another player damage in vc directly or something vc this using and having their property in case the SV and HV which has its core, the rest that you put on the ground can be destroyed, what happens is q a request by the adms that do not make these items targets, however, of course if they are to reach someone malicious or even the shortage of items, make sure that it will lay hands on him.

I agree, some ppl forgot that empyrion is a SURVIVAL game, PVE doesn’t mean everything is safe.

If you play this kind of game you will lose things both in PVE/PVP. Period.

One the one hand it is a game bug, not something we always punish like underground turrets or hackers.
On the other hand admitting that obviously destroying the fun of others “just because I can” is stupid not tolerated.

So he lost RP and Credits.

Also keep in mind that the fix patch to a lot of problems coming in few days, maybe tomorrow so try to not to expose yourself to already known bugs too much since then.

speaking fix you saw there the experimental topic of Empyrion, among the many things repaired, this damn bug towers shoot through the soil and the mountains.

I saw it and tested it already on my private server.
Not 100% yet but 99% is good enough for 1000% less dramas :wink:

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