PVE Total Base Limits

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**What happened:**I got a warning last night that only 9 bases in total were allowed in PVE and that I had 10. Now Im getting a warning that only 8 bases are allowed in total and that I have 9?

Player(s) with issue:
=> LMs Faction

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 12:09 Eastern

=> Cryo X

Structure Name(s):
=> Guachupita

Structure ID(s):
=> ???

**How can we help you now:**I
=> m confused now I deleted a base last night There is a base in Cryo X that we cant use can you delete the base please. Name: Guachupita ID: ? We cant access. Thanks.

We set a base to private in the mean time, the planet is Lawless Cryo X sorry.

Did you lose a member between today and yesterday? Base limit is connected to faction members amount.

Not that we know of. I can check the list tho.

List looks fine, we have one member that has not been on for 15 days and another one since 24 days ago. But we have a total of 10 members,


I removed the base on Cryo X
But I think you have the first warning wrong in mind. It was about the Class Size.
Here are the two Warnings you guys got:

@ Faction LMs: You are only supposed to have a Class 7 Base on Atlantis System. You have 8. Please lower your Class by 1: Sentinel 7 tuki edition (22761191), (Class:8 / D:672 /T:47782 /L:58), or they will be taken after 2 more Warnings!

@ Faction LMs: You are only supposed to have 9 faction Bases on all PVE Playfields. You have 10. Please remove all other 1 Bases, or they will be taken after 3 more Warnings!

Hey thanks

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