PvE - What is this environment PvE palyers are fighting?

As i switch servers a lot and play a lot in past i see how performance of server goes down. Its expected and normal.
As PvP player i share what all PvP palyers share…we dont like PvE playefields. So I just had this thought…what exactly are PvE players fighting against? They definetly not fighting P - Players, but they should fight E - environment.

I wonder what Zirax are doing? Arnt they preparing invasion on Alliance HQ? I think they should, they fight humankind and Alliance HQ slum is probably first place to strike against.

Im sure they will send Alien Queen with some escort to that playfield soon. What do you think? Should Zirax pay a visit to PvE playfields?

Just to make it clear…I dont have any real hate to PvE and i respect that playstyle but something as i proposed above would help server and also it might be fun for PvErs.

Man up, stop fighting tomatoes in your garden, face ZIrax invasion!

I also volunteer as pilot for Alien Queen or some ship in her escort)


Il pay for the popcorn seat to watch this :slight_smile:


:tomato: :eggplant: :corn: + :robot: :robot: :robot: = :boom: :zap: :ghost:

Bring on the good ship Zirax Steel Boots and let there be a squashing of various vegetables



I want to see a wave of base attack drones lined up across the planet taking out structures, then fly into space and wipe out everything there, leaving all without cores for those without an actual person defending them.

I want a flood of tears and rage on here, about it not being fair that their structures are on PvE and should be safe. No where should be 100% safe. Not planet, not deep space, not donators, nor ECC.

And for those with OP, as soon as either the base loses power or OP is disabled, the drones come.


It is a well known fact that most server lag like crazy because PVE people have enormous builds that they never do anything with. Even seen where these builds are just Blueprints. Now I noticing all these complaints of things gone missing…other bugs. Not for me to be concerned with but I seen the message for Alliance HQ it is full. That means bugs and glitches for them sadly lag and garbage for PVP too. There is no good solution guys. Let us be thankful that HWS has few PVE planets and those that are there are rotating to PVP. Honestly I think if the HQ rotated anytime it got over a certain core number that would work out for all. It is normal on servers for people to settle on the very first PVE planet they come to. After all to these people this is minecraft with a slight amount of space travel. LOL.

Im as usuall a bit joking. If PvE planets will have drones at large quantity and ALien Queen it will make PvE players to build even larger and more fortified bases. That would be even worse.

Where im not joking is that there should be some Zirax activity, as fun, as PvE wipe thing too, if server allows it. And i think Rexxx would love to pilot Alien Queen over PvE :smiley:
I was through many overcrowded playfields in my HWS carrier and stuff i see lately starts to look like that, ships you spawn wont appear, everything feels a bit slow etc.
Once long time ago Rexxx told me “This server needs wipe realy badly, you should see what i see in tool, so much crap all around universe”. It was at about 1 month after full wipe.

Problem is that some ppl simply wont stick around, leave their crap behind and its there, minecraft builders build etc.
GG patch will probably help GG, but what about other playfields, PvE especialy.

Rotation is nasty, noone without experience can hold PvP crowd, it would be massacre, enjoyable only for one side. We saw it many times, all of us waiting ready for restart and turning to PvP, its like modern tanks against guys with spears…

Still @RexXxuS…where are Zirax? Are they coming? To Alliance HQ :smiley:

There was the thinking that if over core limit then it switches to PvP. But that wouldn’t prevent someone coming down in a CV with a lot of cores with a single seat and a pad.

Yeah you are right about PVPers wiping out PVE bases. Still there has to be a way to help clear them out short of admin delete? Perhaps a PVP last man standing…planet is locked to only those already there. Full on PVP for everyone online. Offline people could simply add OP and they are safe.

Or something a friend on another server did as admin. Admins have some fun take Alien core CVs and fly around attacking bases of anyone online. Shoot the CV down score the loot on board.

Also PVE are not going to fortify any more then they are now. If any type of attack occurs they likely will just whine thats not fair. LOL. I say admin core a drone base and take the guns off the thing. With the ability to make certain parts of the POI destructible it would mean they can not take it down but can still run through it. Drones would still keep them on their toes. At least once maybe twice a day drones spawn to attack for about an hour without break…They are not hard to take down if you bother to be prepared. Also maybe limit the promethium so that they need to go off planet for it.

At the end of the day there needs to be danger on PVE to control the population. If not the whole server is pulled down…seen it on every other server I have played on.


Agreed. Admin core the drone base and the planetary CV and let them troll around invulnerable.

No nah the PV but its base. The idea is not to force PVE into destruction but to have them play the game as it is designed. This is not a building Simulator we all play. For those that want to build with friends contact me. I have a dedicated box I will throw a server up in creative mode you can build forever together.

Many PVE players don’t actually want to play versus any environment, they just want to hang out in “creative with friends”

But everyone has to start somewhere :slight_smile:

Yeah and I am usually very critical of PVE people because of that. They lag servers down for those that want more. So that is why I have a box that friends share. We could throw up a Creative server and people can hang there. Even have a TS for those that want voice.

Note this is not in competition of HWS and would be a creative only server. I will not disrespect HWS like that. This is to help them for those that dont want the combat part of the game.