PVP glitches

Point one, HWS is blameless for what I am about to say.
Point two, This is the biggest complaint I have about PVP in this game.

Back in universe 3, when I first joined the server, I engaged in PVP operations often, then 4 came about and things became more glitched, once 5 rolled out, nothing I did, no amount of armor added, kept the glitches away. Here are some photos of the last battle in which I tip my hat to the attacking party for penetrating my ship and gutting the interior parts without killing the exterior shell of the ship. I do not know how this was done, but good job. I do not blame anyone for cheating, or glitching, as this is an occurrence that repeats itself far too often, there were no lag to my notice (despite not seeing my attacker coming. Perhaps this will be fixed once radar is added to the game?).

As you can see in the top photo, interior parts were blown away, while the exterior armor in the second photo was largely untouched or only had minor damage. To my mind, this can only be achieved by the PVP system not recognizing the multiple layers of armor between the exterior and the interior.

Perhaps the forward mounted weapons are programmed to penetrate too deep before the game realizes that the ship (mine in this case) was shot at? Perhaps something other than angled blocks (which doubles, if not triples the triangle count) do no work? Whatever maybe the case, every ship I have, dies in PVP, with little exterior damage. If there was a gaping hole in my ship, I would say that this was a well fought battle without complaint, but this diminishes any return I might gain from PVP and so renders that part of the game useless to me.

Post this to Eleons. Not here.

I did post it on the steam forms for the game, I posted this here to achieve three things.

  1. Illustrate my issue with PVP in the game.
  2. Infromation gathering for what might be wrong with my ship (which this request for information is implied in any form of human communication, otherwise why communicate at all?).
  3. To determin through discourse, if this was a glitch, an intended element of the game, or an intentional use of a cheat of some kind.

I tend to be the type to cast far reaching nets, post such as yours provide me with next to no useful information other than the fact that you do not want to see them. In which case, ignore them as I ignore most post I disagree with.

Im not very clever to game mechanics just yet. Still new by many means. You played in version 4? Thats amazing. I enjoy this game. I wish I could have seen it then too.

I have had, and some faction members too, experiences with something similar. An enemy comes in, fires a round that seems to bypass (as in the shot completely flys through) the hull of my ship, and hits critical components. This is my hypothesis of the event as there would never appear to be blocks missing or severely damaged blocks in hull.

The only thing that I have seen that helps mitigate this is spacing between additional layers of the hull and critical components. Im not even sure why that is. Again as I said, Im new and just beginning to experience PVP for the first time on this game.

Not a helpful reply, very sorry. I did however want you to know, that you werent alone in this experience.

It is seeming that the new trend to fight lag shot will become putting spaces between blocks, which will further enlarge the physical size of CV’s. Very sad.

lol new trend? Lag shot prevention spacing has been around since the beginning of 4, at the least. That is when I became aware of it. Back then, you needed two types, for splash AND shots phasing. Once penetrating splash was fixed, the age of the interior angles began. This is why the interior of any serious pvp ship is almost never solid meshing blocks. Different builders use different shaped. Op4 for example uses pyramids facing forward. Simple, effective, but weak against shots from sides or above. But it is stupid fast to lay out layer after layer of them. The key is the non meshed blocks. You dont need full empty spaces to catch shots, just another rendered face. All this is theory though, as lag shots are 95% #fixed.

Lol a lot more complex than just “facing forward triangles” :sweat_smile: Love my Mcprouty’s! Generally facing in the direction you’d think the lag shot would come from. Good white space if you put them in the right directions. They are also low on triangle count and look cool. That’s why Op4 uses them. :heart:️ Looks scary all spiked up etc, my first ship on HWS was covered in pyramids because I thought it looked cool haha! @dude that made this post, Add more armor in front of those devices and watch how you fly when taking damage… Flying toward the enemy can cause lag shot as well/flying into rockets etc. The lag shot is 99% fixed… You have that 1% chance to be lag shot IF your ship is lag shot proof as I’d like to call it… Or just layers on layers of armor as other people would like to call it. I myself have been in huge CV fights on EU and come back to NA… Lost turrets and outside blocks only. Means nothing was lag shot on the inside. You will learn where to put stuff and where to add more armor the more you test/PVP! Anyways hope that helped a little!

I mean, I think Ive seen inside a few of your ships :yum:

Its mostly forward facing triangles :slight_smile: But it is effective

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Are those wrecks from 5.0 Iceworld? YES

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Have our vessels come a long way since then? YES

Since you didn’t actually participate in much of the actual fighting rather relied on surrogates
I just wanted to know what it cost you.

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