PVP is NOT dead!

You need to have of course a minimum brain level and understanding peoples motivation. Its difficult to find PVP in the peacekeeper zones, so where is it ?

Its where players suspect the satisfaction of their desires, so in the Gold ! GOLD ! My precious ! - zones.

So, where is gold ? In just two places, golden globe planet/space and homeworld. Believe me, not only in the evening hours you will be ganked just in the middle of mining your first gold meteroid.

On the other hand you can bring in your best SV and have some ganker fun with miners yourself.

There are a few really skilled PVP pirates around there but also a bunch of little boys “pew pew pew” with strange ship design, easy to bring down.

And you find the, in MMOs, omnipresent griefers of course, having unraidable bases in the rockbed and stuff.

So PVP is there and it is fun !