PVP isn't dead but it's dying V2

UMC is no stranger to friendly banter. Heck we have gotten in large fights with just about every group over the years going all the way to 3.0 We had a long running feud with LBP and we’d fight each other relentlessly every chance we go. One major difference though, they never brought the level of discourse down to the sewers. We fought, won most times, and lost sometimes, but either way the banter was never so toxic as it is today. Recently though, I’ve noticed a sharp uptick in the over heated rhetoric on the server. Every night in global chat we see people saying outrageous and offensive things. Some people have already been banned for this. Nonetheless, the toxicity continues.

PVP is dying. And the sh!t talk is killing it.

Some other large PVP groups have left already due to a myriad of reasons, but the toxicity was among them. Just go read through some of the forum post and you’ll get a good idea of what I mean. Not only that, every night in global chat there are some using slurs against people and displaying very unsportsmanlike behavior. Just about everyone is fed up with this.

The admins have indicated they will be taking a harder stance on this in the future, but I would appeal to the community to make their jobs easier by not engaging in the vitriol in the first place.

If you win, instead of rubbing it in, why not be a good sport about and say “gg or good fight?” If you lose, instead of making up every excuse that we’ve all heard before, why not just say “gg or good fight?” Everybody loves to win and nobody likes ot lose, but the least we can do is be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. That single change I think would make PVP more enjoyable for everyone and breath a little life into PVP




V2 is great!

I dont think its dead, but this is empyrion! The pvp is rare and in between, but glorious when it happens. lol

I find that the fights go forever now, giant sv’s and cv fights that last forever if remotely big and/or someone warps away to avoid completely losing.

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I don’t mind the long fights. It makes a kill even more enjoyable. The warping out sucks but I don’t think
the game has a viable solution such as a warp disrupter. Perhaps in the future.

Sh1t talking is the best part of video games :wink: unless the person is being extremely offensive or racist, sexist, etc. I think this is , and should be, part of PVP. Hell, I think they should add gestures to flip someone off as you are traveling away with their destoroyed ship leaving them is space :slight_smile: but hey that’s just me


I ve done and had people dish out the shizz to me … I think its hilarious sometimes… just depends on the shizz. So raunchy filthy stuff, crosses the line sometimes, I am guilty

If its a long fight, ill usually say GG… but wont be thanking them for the trouble. I am also one of the people who allegedly camped and played on pirate starter too long, lol… I was still leveling!

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Stop saying the word shizz