PVP-PVE - So what to do now ? Whats the late game?

Im just asking what to do now ?

1:Bases on pvp worlds.

  • You need to be online 24/7 to defend it due to the fact that 1 cv can outgun you every day.

2: Bases in space.
*Same as point 1. Why build something that cant be defended.

3: CV in space.

  • If you dont move you die.

4: Alian world ??? was fun to see my ship lag out after just 1 second on that world.

5: Pvp areas

  • Homeworld is the only place where there is any pvp going on and that space is so lagged and corrupted that you 25% of the times cant jump away or you jump without the ship and so on. To much stuff in the same playfield simple as that.
  • Also SWP owns it and thas fair but they can by owning 1 area take all the special resources away from everyone else.
    (I dont realy care about that due to my own OCD and bank but its no fun for newbies.)

All other pvp areas are a joke. No´one fights there.

We need something done here. People are hunting on spawning points and there is nothing you can do about it. I actualy tried and fight one last night but ofc when i got there i was shooting for 5-10 min but the game was bugged so he didnt take any damage at all but i did… lucky for me i got away after 2 attemps to warp (first time i tryed i got back to the same place). Guess where this happend ? Home world.

Admins: Maybe time to split up homeworld or atleast do something about it being so corrupt.


1: Turn on OP. even if it dosnt work to 100% i actualy works for most people.15 min delay is also fair for that.
2: Take homeworld away and redo it fast. Its a point where everyone needs to travel and its to buggy for being like that.

Devs need to redo weapons again but thats nothing i can blame on you guys.

So keep up the good work but please fix the shitty space in the middle so people can travel again.

Will be considered in 5.0. Even though most of this is an alpha performance problem.
But people please stop talking about things we can’t do!
There is NO DELAY for OP right now.
I read this so often.

With having one space area where all happens will indeed cause trouble, homeworld has the gold planet, and best resource planets in the map, having it all spread out would be much better, right now that area has the most lag ever…
I recommend we make the 10k block limit again, and yes i know i been against that but i have found smaller cv designs is much funnier.

and that will nerf the swp 20x combat steel layers they use.

Alpa problems are ofc not something you can do anything about i understand that.

But the problems on HW is that its to crowded or to corrupt… And everyone needs to go there…

Im just taking up some problems we have today with pvp. Its still alot better then before but even with all changes we cant build bases due to the fact that noone can guard them 24 / 7…

Still maybe OP without delay is better then today ?.. Imnot sure on how broken it is.

  1. OP overbuged, and create a lot of stupid situations.
  2. Unfair game, when one will spawn 100500 BA on gold for Example, and will go logoff every time, when some one go Gold. gg? - I didnt think so.
  3. We still didnt get ANY option on OP. We couldnt make dat delay, which u want. And even if we could - good BA, even without any player online, could hold 3-4 CV for 2-5 hours, depending on CV and BA ammo. So your 15 min delay… Just for rofl.

Any good base cant defend itself for 3 hours… it takes me about 10 seconds to destroy 1 turret… and not taking damage…

I discuss it with the devs.

Op has currently 2 BIG crap attributes:

  1. NO PvP anymore! Someone is attacking you? Logout and come later

  2. The attacker is fucked up. "I wasted my time bringing you flowers? You want to come later? Hold on I leave my flowers here for you"
    The guy who will login later will just VANISH, explode and destroyed if he logs in again.

So even if Noobs are crying why the fuck I turned Op Off. I better explain them the hundreds ways to be save with the normal options/hws features instead reading the shit storm why they get raped even WITH op.

I want to spread things in 5.0 but you forgot that we had this in 3.0 and even you two guys blamed that “no PvP anywhere. To big. We can’t find shit to hit” something like this.

But let me try it a little bit more in 5.0 with some abilities like a radar.

Stay tuned


PVE: Play minecraft, hoard resources, get rich.

PVP: design better ships, gank people and have unfair fights, spam BA’s, place BA on people logging out, raid bases while defenders offline.

We need the devs to balance these things and make the OP useable for once and protect warp points and etc. etc. etc.

No no 10k block limit :frowning: I got a 5 million iron ingot blueprint battleship I wanna spawn it at some point in time. Ha only 20 combat layers :smiley: That ship will laugh at that.

Need rules on BA/HV limits in PVP to stop spam. But yes only way to survive in PVP is to be online 24/7 because, no useable OP… Sucks… I already pointed most of this out in the banner-post for 5.0. Need the devs to fix/change this.

Current universe is pretty decent given the limited options the game provides. I could not have done it better. Need devs…

PB with BA defense right now is CV front guns (mainly rocket launcher), you can shoot more than max distance with them so a BA can’t defend in orbit or planet.

The BA turrets range should be increased a lot and not only 50-100m like they did in last update, and the projectile speed should aslo be increased especially in space (or they can make specials turrets only available for BA to add a bit more logic)

You can easilly see when SWP attacked our base in their youtube video channel how easy it is to take out a BA when no one is online. Just spam rocket + artillery from max range and a little dodge time to time if you get too close. Period.

The devs really need to actually play/test their game to see what they re doing wrong but this is like they just only rely on some feeback from community and don’t even test by themself what they are creating, this way is not really professional and after so many months to simply balance some weapons is all but a good sign.[quote=“AlexAKM, post:6, topic:2135”]
We still didnt get ANY option on OP. We couldnt make dat delay, which u want. And even if we could - good BA, even without any player online, could hold 3-4 CV for 2-5 hours, depending on CV and BA ammo. So your 15 min delay… Just for rofl.

3-4 CV for 2-5 hours --> Epic lol :smiley:

This LOL, already happends with our gold Bases… When some 3+++ CVs+SVs for 2-3 hours try to get them, and than retreat. oh no, better say, some of them retreat, bc we find 2 destroyed CV on field… So… More LOL pls, more…

Alex maybe it happens like you said so they were noobs probably ?

It’s harder to take a BA on planet compared to space as most of CV turrets don’t work + speed limit lower, but the main advantage is you can fly with your CV closer to the base due to gravity limit, so it’s easier to target and spam front rocket from 500m with more precision , it will take longer to destroy but it’s as easy.

Possible solution : disable front guns for CV as it was before for planet defense / add a new turret design only for BA and working only in space with a lot more range / projectile speed for orbit defense ( or tweak every turrets but as CV and BA have the same turrets models it seems weird that they have differents stats)

np. That means, that only “noobs” so brave, to go on Gold. Ok…

There were a lot of situations, with different conditions, but we still hold our bases. And even with 0 man online, we gots only the trophies. Statistic - its hard thing.

We speak about OP, if u dont forget. And TS talks about 15 (!!!) mins delay. So, what gonna be easy?

This changes, will create only more and more problems.

Ok Alex i’m off this topic, will rather like to post on official than wasting more time.

[quote=“Blackwing, post:10, topic:2135”]
The BA turrets range should be increased a lot and not only 50-100m like they did in last update, and the projectile speed should aslo be increased especially in space (or they can make specials turrets only available for BA to add a bit more logic)
[/quote]Yes. This again is stupid design. Bases should have the biggest range of all structures for obvious reasons…

U start useless discussion about Noobs and our Bases - What do u expect? Some cry, or flood about how we cool?

Real situation, is that we all had some REAL experience in something. I for example, know HOW to destroy BA, without any loses. But all this experience, told me, that GOOD BA, wouldnt fall down in 15 min. Thats unreal. So this topic, didnt bring any thing an essential for turning OP on, on our server.

I found one of your base on gold just a few days ago, half you turrets were burried and still shooting, I managed to destroy enough turrets with SV homing missiles to get closer just to see missiles spawning from ground because the terrain isn’t updated if you’re too far.

You can destroy everything with homing missiles, spawn a base with just a homing rocket turret and a visual to target 1 km away or even more, it’s win.

My last time on gold, I spawned just 1 canon on a mountain, destroyed severals bases and parked CVs out of range of all turrets in less than an hour.

Homewolrd has is own defense, there is a layer of solid lag to cross, when you’re able to control your ship after you enter atmosphere, you’ve been hit by severals turrets already unless you can remember exact locations of enemy bases from the map projection on planets in space.

Offline protection is not the case here, the devs need to buff the bases 100x more, it should be an really hard job taking an base, we need the blocks to be 1000x more hp.

Bullet sponges are almost never a good solution. That’s a lazy way out for people who can’t think of how to balance a game.

I am unhappy with the current ranges of base turrets. The last patch seems to indicate that the devs feel the same way. That is where I believe the issue lies.


9,000,000x against OP… it’s a broken and rediculous mechanic even if it had a delay. You think certain factions being able to own an area is bad now? Imagine if nobody could attack any of their bases half the time. A well defined group of 4 bases can fend off most non-pressed attacks if setup properly, and bases SHOULD be vulnerable to sustained attack.

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