PVP Starter planet POIs

Rexxus, regarding the recent discussion of kicking off players with 100+ hours from the lawless PvP starter planet, can the POIs on Cryo L1 be moved to L2? If you check the logs of what I have been doing so much lately, it’s not attacking bases on L1, I have been doing the enigmatic POIs you have setup there, most notably the combat testing facility. I have been doing it solo for some time. Can you move them all to Cryo L2 or another location so I can investigate without the hassle of, say, blowing up someone’s base because of my lawless nature?

As long as where ever 100+hour players go after hitting fresh spawn has lots of meteorites i’m good with it.

I just don’t see how 100+ hour players would be able to complete the testing facility, I have made several attempts working through the facility solving the riddles and getting to the combat room is a total PITA. Now try it solo.

And the acrobatic room was highly irritating.

OMG… If people go PVP starters, what do they expect?
They 100+ players start on the same ground as 1+ players… PVP is PVP…

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I don’t think peopple understand pvp. I don’t usually kill on starters but my turrets on auto-target don’t know that, Have seen several unaware players dead nearby, but that is pvp. Working on weird hours to explore, armed to the teeth, if you are starting means running for your life. Or else you start on pve planets, if that is a “hassle”. I mean, I get it that you want to do the misterious poi, but having a full tank HV on your back would really help guard you as you play. Strategies…

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Here is a perfect example, someone constructed a base over the entrance of the POI for the combat testing facility. So, I can easily wipe out said base, but in doing so we hear ppl start crying that my 100+ hours is unfair and they should be able to start on PvP and not expect me to wipe it out. So now I am stuck in another enigma; wipe out the base so I can continue on exploring the POI or die attempting to get to the entrance of the POI thats under the terrain while getting shot at from the base? This is what I am talking about.

So you try now to justify it with POI raiding, fine. But I know you are a smart guy so let’s see here:

Either you just fly fast into the hole with a ship since Cannon Turrets are a joke or what is of course legit is to only kill the turrets.
If there is no OP on the base no matter how many playhours that is probably not good either from =A=. But maybe he hadn’t the level yet for OP in the techtree.
Anyways the point was to kill PvP for beginner and even though you have million of resources - not in a need for any mission at all - it is just about fair play for everyone.

There is a difference and I talked about it already here:

Yes, I could have taken out the turrets, or just fly into the hole, but there was another issue at the time I took that screenshot; he was online and at his base. So while I could get into said hole by just flying in, once I was in the POI my SV was there for him to destroy. Now while I know its expendable (cmon, its the midget its not a tank), how would I get back out? Need to spawn a SV on a base, cant spawn either with anti griefing active. He could sit there and camp the portal, or just N-build his base and place blocks and surround the portal with sentry turrets. So this would be a case of blowing his base to oblivion so either scenario is bad for him and in return bad for me afterwards, or just opting not to attack at all. Don’t need to be set guilty again in starter system and stuck in an endless loop when trying to warp out (again).

Nevermind Rexxus, I got an alternate idea which won’t involve me blowing up their bases. I’ll leave the EU starter PvP nubs alone to their role playing campfires, holding hands singing kumbiya and enjoying smores, and still do the POIs.

Didn’t know he was online at that time.

Well… in that scenario, no matter if you or a beginner PvP lover or even on PvE, I could argue that building near POI should not be allowed.
I don’t know, it is too much rule fight here and if you remember or not we had already this “max 100 playhours on starter rule” but somehow bashed away because of “PvP is PvP”.
But with the one way warp this drama got sorted out itself. Now with the new era of CSW and supply packages everywhere we have the same drama again. Sigh.

Have to see what will make best sense but in the worst case: try to handle it along yourself, no?
Maybe a global chat with him and ask how is he going? Maybe you become even friends? Not always aggro, you know :smiley: