PvP write up with Valkryie S9

I am looking for the write up where the author gave the file for the :slight_smile:

  • Valkryie S9-V10

I have spent the last 30m trying to find it. Tried doing searches but maybe I am just ignorant and am overlooking it. I promise I have had my coffee and have tried to find it.

I figure if someone is willing to donate a starter SV for PvP exploring, I will try it.

Unless there are something else someone wants to share , Im sure you can find me in the discords for a DM :slight_smile:

The Valkryie you are asking for is so obsolete it won’t even lift off the ground. Here are some starter designs that are meant to give you the idea of how pvp meta works.

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Thanks Cyanfire, Rumor has it your one of the elite pvp stalkers. When I seee you on , i definetly try tonot go in places Im ready for. Although, Im sure killing a lowly schlub liek me would be small fries and you would just let me pass right by hahaha

edit: The smile on the SV brought me a smile