PVPers What do you want

I hope each pvp planet is going to contain all the resources with regenerating deposits above 10k. To live in pvp we need abundance amount of resources.

Also noted somewhere that there was going to be 70 plus playfield this is going to dramatically decrease the amount of PVP.

Little to no weather i don’t want to battle weather while battling my enemies.

Honestly I want Darkworld to return, with heavy fog. This way Night vision will be essentially useless. Would make for some epic fights.

I think with the large increase in play fields, we will have quite the opposite effect; more locations for people to search, offline protection on so we will have more bases to encounter on PvP play fields, and the class size increased will attract veterans from other servers, this I believe will make for a lot of PvP.

And I want anyone with the name Elfias to be shot on sight if he posts in this thread. Makes me happy.

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Not possible atm but on the future 7.X releases.
All we can and will do are surface wipes. So hug your autominer and vacuum cleaner.

Tunneling was kinda lame, 1/3 the PVP planets should prevent tunneling, 1/3 could be like 10 meters of tunneling and the rest be unlimited. Give people choices. Agreed, shoot Elfias on sight.

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Hi Rex why is this not possible the tech is in game and works.


CV Guns that fire in atmo :smiley: or planets that have no atmosphere to prevent them from firing :smiley:

no, it isn’t

There is already sandwich planets where you can only dig so far and you can dig further by deposits. also nothing stopping you from digging to bedrock and making your base there where people cant dig too, ask blackwing how many hours we spent blasting a huge hole for a underground base.

Done :see_no_evil:

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I actually second the weather thing, but for a different reason. It would be absolutely fine with me if a thick fog rolled in in the middle of battle and I could adapt to the change and use it to our advantage, etc. But in reality what happens is the fog is only for ME, and I run around unable to see anything, and assuming I am hidden, while running in circles in a field in full view of everyone. Its embarassing.


Tried it myself did they pull it ?

Can you elaborate what .yaml command this should be?
As far as I know we don’t have a RegenAfter key for deposits yet.
We only have the surface wipe done via EAH.

Go ahead

Not sure what the .yaml settings might be. When using the ORE scanner to mine out all the chunks they reaper after some time leaving the terrain with a hole. The chunk of resource that you see in the picture was mined out days ago now it’s back. I must be a glitch and assumed it regenerated.

Sorry for the confusion Rex

That smells indeed like a bug… will test / report it… damn

Looks like a fossilized Dino deuce.

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Digging down to the bedrock causes other problems. Like a weakness to SV’s for starters. On ‘Sandwich planets’ I can dig down to the bedrock and have my base easily destroyed (After a ton of effort digging) by an SV or I can build a tower to prevent air attacks then lose it to a tunneler… Better idea! 1/3 sandwich planets for people like you who like them, regular dig anywhere planets for those who like them, and the last 1/3 indestructible planets for those of us who like them. Freedom of choice is awesome! People left the servers this season in droves due to lack of choices and lack of places to explore or call home. Lets not continue to make the same mistakes of making all the choices for others for them.

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I agree with ya, not enough to explore in season 6, way too small and only 2 orbits with the majority of PvP, didn’t make for a lot of choices on where to find someone. I’m really hoping that PvE isn’t a warp away anymore either, takes a lot of the fun out of the chase for both parties involved.